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Israel National News reports:.

(IsraelNN.com) A former senior official and newspaper editor from Bangladesh told a television audience last week that Adolph Hitler should have been more thorough when it came to the Jews. The TV host seconded the opinion. […]

It is not just Israel’s extermination Asafuddowlah seeks, however. “Now I believe that what Adolph Hitler did during the Holocaust was absolutely correct. He should have done this more extensively, to eliminate the total Jewish population from the world,” he added.

Abdul Hye Sikder, the host of the TV program on which Asafuddowlah appeared, reacted to the genocidal statements with agreement, echoing the sentiments. Sikder, Choudhury reports, was at one time a leading activist of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

Maybe I’m being alarmist, but I feel like it will only be a matter of time before such ideas will be acceptable in western media outlets. It’s one thing for there to be crazies who have these ideas, but the fact that the tv host agrees shows that this sentiment is not located on the fringe of Bangladeshi society. And whereas a few years ago people would only use the term ‘zionists’, now they feel comfortable openly directing their hate to ‘jews’.

The article states that Asafuddowlah is described by Bangladesh’s New Age newspaper as “one of the finest civil servants of Bangladesh and a personality crowned with many qualities,” that he served in the public sector for 35 years as chairman of state-run corporations and director-general of various government ministries, and that he was the editor-in-chief of The Bangladesh Today, a leading English-language daily.

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