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The Lebanese-Canadian MP of Montreal who in 2006 was forced to apologize for accusing Israel of committing war crimes has sent out an e-mail to her colleagues containing explicitly anti-Israel, and I would say anti-Semitic material:

OTTAWA — A Bloc Quebecois MP was upbraided for sending all of her colleagues in the House of Commons an anti-Israel email that paid tribute to groups listed in Canada as terrorist organizations.

Maria Mourani forwarded all 308 MPs an email with links to numerous articles and images that accuse the Jewish state of terrorism, question its legitimacy and glorify violence against it.

The note earned her a rebuke Wednesday from Prime Minister Stephen Harper, from the Jewish-rights organization B’nai Brith and a caution from her leader to be more careful.

In one video link there’s a graphic of a heart surrounding the image of the political leader of Hamas, while other videos show numerous flattering images of people draped in the group’s iconic green bandana.

(The Canadian Press: Anti-Israel email earns Bloc Quebecois MP rebuke)

Sure says a lot about her constituents, who have re-elected her since the first flop in 06. I don’t know why Jews are still in Montreal. They should get the hell out of there.

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3 Responses to “Bloc Quebecois MP sends out email glorifying Hamas to members of Parliament”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The jews have been leaving for years.

  2. John Smith says:

    For someone who so strongly believes that Israel should be defending itself, I can’t see why you would want Jews to be leaving Montreal when faced with what you call anti-semitism

  3. mikecg says:

    Hi John. The Jews belong in Israel, and it is something worth fighting and sacrificing for. Montreal is not Jewish land, and staying there putting your family at risk is not worth it. It is not a noble fight, it is a hopeless waste of energy.

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