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From today’s Jerusalem Post:

Human rights groups argued Wednesday that a detailed probe into Hamas’s firing of Kassam rockets at Israeli communities is not necessary, because it constitutes such a “blatant” war crime. By contrast, Israel’s actions are more complex, and therefore do require such investigation, they said. […]

Also on Wednesday, Jerusalem-based watchdog NGO Monitor today released a report analyzing NGO coverage of the recent Gaza conflict. The report documents the over 500 statements released by over 50 NGOs in the month covering the fighting and its immediate aftermath. […]

In 2008 alone, they wrote, NGOs issued over 300 statements in condemnation of Israel’s policy regarding Hamas-controlled Gaza. This contrasts with a handful of statements condemning over 6,500 rockets fired on Israel from Gaza since disengagement in 2005.

And there you go folks: the double standard is official NGO policy. The problem with this ‘logic’ (excuse?) is that the only way for something to seem blatant to the general public is if it is constantly spoken about and people are being constantly educated about it. Imagine if Coca Cola stopped advertising since “Hey, everyone drinks coke anyways, we don’t need to keep advertising!” There is a reason well known companies are always advertising!

If we only exclusively criticize one side, then the public will cease to realize the atrocities of the other side! Don’t these idiots realize that by remaining silent they are passively legitimizing the people who call for genocide and firebomb synagogues to protest Israel’s “‘warcrimes”! And do we want to live in a world where if you are so ‘blatantly’ evil, then you don’t face consequences for your actions?

It reminds me of a quote from Ayn Rand’s masterpiece Atlas Shrugged:

God help us, ma’am! Do you see what we saw? We saw that we’d been given a law to live by, a moral law, they called it, which punished those who observed it – for observing it. The more you tried to live up to it, the more you suffered; the more you cheated it, the bigger reward you got. Your honesty was like a tool left at the mercy of the next man’s dishonesty. The honest ones paid, the dishonest collected. The honest lost, the dishonest won. How long could men stay good under this sort of a law of goodness?

It is the survival secret of the Jewish people that we have still remained good. May God give us the strength to continue.

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One Response to “Human rights group admits to double standard: ‘No probe for blatant Hamas war crimes’”

  1. I’m not suprised one bit. seems the second we defend ourselves we are the bad guys.

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