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This week, Iraq held peaceful fully democratic elections. But since that would imply that maybe the US is winning the war in Iraq, it did not receive much media attention. Here is an excerpt from an interview in Iran’s state media, PressTV. Even they can’t spin this election negatively!

The following is a Press TV interview with Iraqi lawmaker Abdul Hadi al-Hassani conducted after people from 14 of the 18 Iraqi provinces participated in the provincial elections that saw a high turnout.

Press TV: Again, the State of Law coalition backed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has won landslides in the two important provinces of Baghdad and Basra. The prime minister has faced criticism in the past about leadership abilities but this vote is bound to consolidate his position in power.

Al-Hassani: Definitely, I agree with you. This is not only consolidating his position in power, but consolidates also all the people who joined him. It consolidates a united Iraq to one program all together to see that pluralism and the focus of elections, of democracy, is now promoted and is more appraised by all Iraqis to see it is the best way forward to transfer power from party to party.

We have now transcended from the case of tyranny, of really regime, to a democratic regime where everybody is free to cast his vote without influence, without insecurity, nor fear and any other party’s interference. This has been recognized by the international body which has been the observer nationally and locally, by the media, NGOs and all the people who have taken part in the election.

(full interview available here.)

Free elections? The Iraqis can choose their own leaders without fear? But isn’t the imperialist US regime occupying the country? Wasn’t Iraq a better place under Saddam?

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