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Let me get this straight. The UN is allowed to suspend aid shipments, but when Israel does so because of legitimate security concerns, they get condemned, criticized and demonized?

GAZA CITY (AFP) — The United Nations was on Saturday awaiting the promised return of hundreds of tonnes of food aid for Gaza “mistakenly” seized by Hamas, as the Islamists insisted the crisis is over.

But UNRWA, the main agency for Palestinian refugees, said the incident will not be considered “over” until all 200 tonnes of rice and flour have been returned and Hamas has guaranteed the situation will not be repeated.

In the wake of the incident, the UN agency suspended all imports of aid into the Gaza Strip.


“The Secretary General demands that Hamas immediately release the UNRWA consignment of humanitarian goods it seized today, in the second such incident this week,” Ban’s spokeswoman Michele Montas said on Friday.

(full article here)

I’m sure Hamas is terrified of the consequences of not returning the aid. Afterall, Ban demanded it.

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One Response to “Double Standard Alert: UN ‘demands’ that Hamas release stolen aid, suspends further aid shipments”

  1. YUP! you got that one right. 😉
    lets see how the sheep bleat about this one.

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