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A BBC poll that asked people which countries had the most positive and negative influences on the world found Germany on top, and Israel at the bottom. I’m no psychologist, but does that not just scream out that the world really does have some sort of demented Holocaust-guilt syndrome and that they want to rationalize why they let it happen and vindicate Germany of any wrongdoings?

You’ll also see that my home country scored second, just under Germany. I’m torn: one of my parents comes from the second worst country, and one comes from the second best. What does that make me?

Canada has the second-most positive influence on the world, according to a BBC poll released Friday.

The poll, which questioned more than 13,000 people from 26 countries on how they felt about 16 states, concluded that only Germany had a better rating than Canada among the global public.


China and Russia both saw declining favourability, while Iran,Israel, and Pakistan rounded out those considered to have the most negative influences on the world.

(full story available here)

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3 Responses to “The world is backwards: Germany first place in world’s most liked poll, Israel second last”

  1. John Smith says:

    What in the hell does this have to do with the Holocaust? Maybe you haven’t been to Germany in the past 60+ years, but the age of a fascist regime are over. Granted there is still racism, but that’s true about every country. Germany is a lovely country. Yes, it’s had some disturbing events in its history, but perhaps you don’t recall the fact that Canadian settlers raped and pillaged the land and almost wiped the aboriginals out, leaving them instead with scraps of land.

  2. Jane Doe says:


    Comments like this just go to show you that some people have no concept or understanding of global politics. Sure, I’d be surprised by this if we were living in the 40’s, but unless you haven’t noticed, things have changed since then. And trust me – even I (a supposedly “pro Israel” Canadian citizen) would place Israel at the bottom of such a list after witnessing the IDF’s indiscriminate slaughter of fellow human beings. Lets just hope that your “lazy friends” don’t trust you enough to take your opinions seriously.

    Sorry, my horribly biased friend, but the world is not backwards – you are.

  3. mikecg says:

    This is not about whether or not Germany is a racist country. It is very true that the German government is trying hard to move on and help the Jews and Israel. But that’s not the point. This is about what the rest of the world thinks – Germany is not the country voting itself to the top. When anti-Israel protesters hold up placards that read “Israel = Nazis”, that is hiolocaust rationalization. When holocaust denial is becoming more and more mainstream – even within the vatican – that is holocaust rationalization. When synagogues get attacked with swastika graffiti, that is holocaust rationalization. Is it such a stretch to think that maybe – not for sure – but just maybe, that when the world screams foul at every thing that Israel does, and praises Germany for every good thing it does, that could also be holocaust rationalization, if even only at a subconscious level?

    And I’m not sure what Canadian settlers have to do with anything.

    And to call yourself a “pro-Israel” person and then to shout out the rhetoric of “indiscriminate slaughter” is a complete contradiction. A pro-Israel, and really even a pro-freedom and pro-human rights person realizes that Israel’s acts are of self-defence and that hamas is to blame for the supposed indiscriminate slaughter of Palestinians. You are blinded by the media’s lies. The fact that Israel and Iran are at the same level in this poll while Iran is a oppressive theocracy and Israel is a constitutional democratic beacon of human rights in the region is totally ridiculous and speaks volumes.

    Keep living in your dream world where “things have changed”. When I see people in my own city screaming to jewish children “Hey Jewish child I’m going to fucking kill you” and yelling “Hitler didn’t do a good enough job”, it really opens your eyes to the reality.

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