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The Times of London reports:

Poland today promised to track down and “punish” Taleban terrorists who beheaded an engineer in Pakistan’s lawless North West Frontier Province.

Piotr Stanczak, a geologist, was kidnapped four months ago while working in Attock district, close to North West Frontier Province, which is infested with Taleban.

Minutes before his murder on Friday night, he was shown appealing to the Polish government not to send troops to neighbouring Afghanistan.

In a video, released yesterday, a statement was shown by the Taleban saying that other foreign nationals in their custody would be executed soon if the Pakistani government did not release some 60 detainees held by the military.

The insurgents are holding at least four foreigners, including a Chinese engineer, plus Afghan and Iranian diplomats.

Radoslaw Sikorski, the Polish Foreign Minister, this morning said that the video had been authenticated as genuine and promised that Poland would try to bring the perpetrators of the killing to justice.

This was a disgusting crime against humanity. I hope the world will begin to wake up and realize that terrorism is not a Jewish-only or America-only issue. We need a united front against these savages.

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One Response to “Taliban beheads Polish geologist in pakistan, Poland pledges to ‘punish’ executioners”

  1. Alta says:

    i agree its not just Jewish or America and all these savages need to be punished,including the Jewish and American.I wish the Pak govt did more.

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