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This is a pretty unbelievable story about Muslim student intimidation in an Ottawa classroom:

Because Miriam was quite aware of the pervasive anti-Semitism amongst her students, she did not reveal she was Jewish. However, after her absence from school on the Jewish High Holidays, she was subject on a daily basis to overt anti-Semitic comments in the hallways, such as: “Does someone smell a Jew, does someone smell a stinking Jew?” Miriam of course complained to the principal and the vice-principal. According to Miriam, the principal said to her: “It seems that you divulged the fact that you are Jewish, so what do you expect?” It was left to Miriam to take mitigating tactics to avoid harassment.

Conversely the principal admonished staff for every perceived slight to Muslim sensibilities. Miriam says that the principal insisted staff not look students in the eye, that they not gesture with their forefinger to indicate students should approach, and refused to act against Muslim students who were physically aggressive to male teachers (the principal was a woman).

During the invasion of Iraq, moments of silence were held in the classroom. Students could be excused from class during the playing of the national anthem. Cultural presentations and shows involved only Muslim culture, with no Canadian content. Students were not allowed to speak English, but they were allowed to speak their native languages.

In the spring of 2004, a 17-year old Djibouti male student issued a tirade at her in the classroom. In Miriam’s recollection it went: “I don’t have to listen to you – you are not a person, you are nothing, you are a Jew, you do not exist as a person.” Ordering him to the office and following him down the hall, she was treated to further abuse: “Don’t speak to me, don’t look at me, you are not human, you are a Jew,” repeated over and over. Although the student was suspended for ten days, there was no follow-up. He was not made to apologize, and there were no sensitivity sessions laid on for all the students. In a similar incident with another student who was also briefly suspended, the parents were puzzled as to what the problem was, since, they patiently explained, the teacher was Jewish.

I can’t say I really blame the principal, what’s she supposed to do? You can’t reason with people who are brainwashed to hate – “sensitivity training” or any other disciplinary action would accomplish nothing. What’s scary about this is the fact that these kids are saying these things as a result of the values they are learning at home. Is this the Canada of the future?

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9 Responses to “Ottawa Jewish teacher intimidated by muslim students, Principal does nothing”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a fucking joke. They come to our country, they abuse and discriminate against us. They complain when we are fair towards others. They use our systems to the point of abuse. They hate other cultures not their own. They are fucking evil. You write so passively about these things. People like you who write passively or take passive sides are like the principal in the story… by being passive it in the end will always hurt others.. point in case the principal to the teacher.

    You don’t blame the principal?! you are clearly an undereducated baboon. This is Canada, you are supposed to take an affirmative approach. This is Canada, we are a multicultural country. We are a great nation because we try to co-exist amongst people from all nations peacefully. Allowing a people into our country who hates others already living peacefully amongst us is wrong in every way. That kid should have been thrown out as an example that such behavior is not acceptable in any way, especially to any teacher regardless of religion. More school psychologists and speakers should be hired/scheduled to speak to the students of the school to educate them properly. This is how black hate was fought, so to with other forms. It should be no different now.

    That teacher should make a public stink about it in the news.

  2. mikecg says:

    aside from you calling me an idiot and a baboon, i do agree with a lot of what you said.

  3. mark says:

    lol. undereducated baboon.

  4. David says:

    Re: anonymous, partly right (other than insulting the author) but no, there is not a need for more “school psychologists and speakers,” what is needed is to stop importing trouble makers who do not share our cultural and moral values, not more spending to educate them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    You’re right there really is no need for school psychologists and speakers. I was just playing to the liberal nansy pansy canadians out there that actually think educating monsters is the cure, although it probably would be for anyone not muslim. I don’t believe the self proclaimed liberals in canada have the guts, the balls, or the brains to deport the problems back to their countries. Maybe the conservatives do, but i think they’re too capitalist to worry about that issue at the present moment, after all the economy is all the rage these days. You do have to laugh because if it were jews you can bet they wouldn’t even let them off the boat. They’d say “woh this is not our problem, go away jews” and then they’d send the boats back to whatever hellish country they came from.

    Wait a second… holy shit that is what happened 50-60 years ago!

  6. john smith says:

    while I agree that the student’s actions should not be tolerated, I hardly think that one racist action against another is the right way to deal with this. and deportation? you can’t be serious…if the teacher truly feels that there is something wrong with the situation, and the principal isn’t doing anything there are many routes to follow to right the situation: talk to union rep, talk to local MPs, file a police report. this is a great country. a multicultural salad bowl. it’d be a shame to ruin something that makes this country what it is

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to start off with,
    John Smith, you are a moron or a failure. I’ll let you choose.

    “I hardly think that one racist action against another is the right way to deal with this. and deportation? you can’t be serious…”

    What are you talking about, no ones said anything that indicts a racist action, do you mean racial profiling? If so, Racial Profiling is not racist in the sense it is discriminatory in a negative way. It’s a defense mechanism that humans (normal ones) use to protect themselves. If we didn’t profile things then we’d be just as stupid as animals. Imagine if you got stung by a bee, you just learnt that touching a bee is bad. Now lets use our profiling goggles, not all bee’s are bad, nor are all bugs bad.. Now lets be liberal screwups and take those glasses off. OMG a bee stung you!! all bee’s are bad! and its not fair to discriminate! it’s not ethical/humane/moral! therefore all bugs have to be bad too!
    If we didn’t have racial profiling we’d have our timid grandmothers and grandfathers being “randomly searched” at airports just as much or likely as those Muslims who come from Islamic countries who are screaming allah ackbar and support jihad.

    As for your mentionings of deporting, you must have some mongoloid in you. How many convicts, or people with known links to terrorists or terrorism have been reported by the media to live in our peaceful country? How many more do we have to let come to our country before a real crisis occurs. The issue is a festering one. What type of retard are you that you could forget which single culture both in the USA, Canada and the world celebrated 9/11 when it happened.

    If they don’t contribute, or do not support our nations government or policies then get them the F out of here. Clearly this land is the wrong place for them. We should shove the liberty to leave up their rectums.

  8. john smith says:

    i don’t know who or what you think you are, but until you can realize how racist you actually are (or at least that statements like “you must have some mongoloid in you” are racist and insulting) i see no point in continuing this.

  9. Katherine says:

    I don’t agree with Anonymous (entirely), but I understand his frustration.

    If what was reported is true, and the principal did nothing about it, then the principal should be fired (female or not she is responsible for what goes on there and if she can’t handle it she shouldn’t be a principle). The students who made such comments should be expelled (permanently). A complaint should be lodged with the police and the media should have been alerted. Anything less is to give the impression that Muslim students can use their hatred to denigrate, humiliate and scare anyone they like.

    I hate to tell you this, but multiculturalism is an unworkable premise. The arguments made in favor of this idea are nothing but pure sophistry. Isn’t Quebec enough of a lesson for you without allowing a Muslim enclave to follow the same route.

    I stumbled onto your site while following a story regarding the BDS extremists. What I see happening at Carleton College is beyond the pale. That the College would allow a week to be set aside as anti-Israeli is insane. It appears that Canada has lost its way. What’s next Sharia Law? And don’t laugh, these things are insidious. Take a look at England lately?

    From the other stories you’ve posted, I can tell these things bother you. Then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I’m not Jewish, and I’m an American, but I wouldn’t stand for this for one minute. Start a pro-Israel movement. Call the Anti-defamation League. Picket the Dean’s office until he stops this nonsense. Do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, short of violence, until these troublemakers know they must accept the Canadian Values (if there is such a thing) or leave the country. That not asking too much. When in Rome…………..

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