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The Ottawa Citizen is running an interesting feature on the growing trends and technologies of surveillance.

The Surveillance Society:

At least 14 Canadian municipalities are using surveillance cameras to monitor people in public spaces, and another 16 are considering them or have considered them, according to the first independent study of video surveillance in Canada. […]

The report offers no estimate for Canada, though it notes this country has nothing like the density of public cameras found in Britain. “Yet the growth of camera surveillance in Canada is undeniable, and is steady,” it says. […]

The SCAN research is funded by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, which has concerns that the use of surveillance cameras is growing without sufficient oversight or public debate. […]

The study found that surveillance cameras aren’t seen by the public as “ominous, threatening or dangerous.” The initial suspicion has long worn off, and the concept of privacy on public streets “has no resonance whatsoever” with most people.

Fear of crime is often used to justify open-street surveillance systems, driven in part by the publicly perceived success of CCTV in the United Kingdom. The trigger is often a high-profile crime in a particular community.

Surveys show the public believes the cameras are useful in deterring crime, the report says. “Cameras are seen as worth installing even if they will generally not be useful, in the hope that they might prove useful eventually.” But the report’s authors found no convincing research that shows camera surveillance “aids in deterring, responding to and investigating crime.”

Mr. Lyon said “there’s something almost tragi-comic” about how a major crime sparks demands for surveillance cameras. “If you’re promising that the cameras will make a difference, it’s simply a hollow claim according to the evidence. There’s no evidence whatsoever.”

I find it troubling that most Canadians are not bothered by this trend of growing surveillance, especially given the fact that it doesn’t even work! The indifference and sometimes even eagerness that citizens show when giving up their privacy and putting more control in the government’s hands, all in the guise of security, is a huge problem. I know people will call me crazy, but when I read 1984, I wondered how the society allowed themselves to get to the point where the infrastructure for a Big Brother was possible. It’s already happening in Britain, and if we remain apathetic, then who knows what kind of Canada our grandchildren will live in.

Check out Ottawa Citizen’s full feature, Under Surveillance.

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11 Responses to “Canada becoming a police state?”

  1. Anonymous101 says:

    Thank you captain conspiracy, you deserve the tin hat award.


    Unfortunately skeptics like yourself fail at realizing that cameras are not meant to prevent an action but to record an action, no kidding research has shown no deterrence in committing crimes (as for the part about investigating crimes, I want to see sources! it’s a load of crap they just spewed, all research shows it has helped enforcement with an investigation). Naturally the Jamaican/Haiti gangsta at Jane&Finch who (Pick-one: 1.sells drugs, 2.mugs/assaults, 3.rapes, 4.steal) for a living won’t be caught.. the assholes all look the same anyways. Regular police enforcement don’t have the resources to utilize so much raw video and camera footage effectively for such a large population.

    When you make a statement like “especially given the fact that it doesn’t even work!” you clearly show your part of the unintelligent homosapien species. I guess CSIS never makes any use of surveillance information right? It bothers you that we have so much surveillance?! your right we should just ignore Al-Qaeda. They really don’t exist, and Canada is not the 5th country on their hit list, which has probably been bumped up now that Canada supported Israel in the last war. Nor has any surveillance footage ever been used to indict, say home grown terrorists.

    What are you losers so worried about that a “big-brother” may record? What are you doing in public while no one is around that you want to hide? If we were talking about things in your private home that would be different.

    You sir, Fail.

  2. Joshv says:

    Jeez, aggression issues.

  3. john smith says:

    anonymous101, your racism and ignorance scares me more than anything mentioned in the article.

  4. Anonymous101 says:

    John Smith, go get educated.

    Please point out the issues clearly. You make a statement, please support it.

  5. mikecg says:

    sorry to point out the obvious, but once you start calling people idiots, baboons and “mongoloids”, you lose any credibility to be able to tell someone to get educated.

  6. Anonymous101 says:

    mikecg, aww is that what your parents tell you about people who hurt your feelings? I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings… jeez what a girl. I have no sympathies for people with weak emotions and thoughts. You people should develop more character strength then a 3 yr old girl.

    John smith, still waiting.

  7. john smith says:

    anonymous101, if you don’t think statements like this “Naturally the Jamaican/Haiti gangsta at Jane&Finch who (Pick-one: 1.sells drugs, 2.mugs/assaults, 3.rapes, 4.steal) for a living won’t be caught.. the assholes all look the same anyways.” are racist then you’re just in racism denial.

    1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
    2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race.

  8. Anonymous101 says:

    John Smith, you fail to read one word. “GANGSTA”.

    You fail.

    I said gangsta, slang for gangster. As in, and let me copy/paste from an online dictionary because l too am smart enough to know how to use the copy/paste function and an Online Dictionary.

    gang·ster (gāng’stər) Pronunciation Key
    1. A member of an organized group of criminals; a racketeer.
    2. A member of a gang of delinquents.
    gang’ster·dom n., gang’ster·ism n.

    I said “Gangsta” you buffoon. Clearly stated.

    I wasn’t talking about those hard working Jamaican or Haitian immigrants that come here to raise families, that come and build from the ground up their lives and communities, the ones that love to share their culture with Canadians. The ones that want the best for their children, such as education, security, health, etc… communities of peaceful people.

    You sir are actually the racist. You immediately assumed I was generalizing with a blanket statement. I may not speak politically correct which offends your pathetic ears and eyes, however it does not negate the fact I was merely mentioning the gangsters that are ethnically black and are more prevalent according to statistics (especially of the Jane&Finch area). I guess you are uneducated about the prevalence of Jamaican gangs in Toronto with which the cops have a hard time keeping up with. You are in fact racist.

    I suspect “Aversive Racism” on your part. Since I doubt you know what aversive racism is, let me post a link quickly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aversive_racism

    I challenge you, John Smith to an IAT test.

    Go to the “Race (Black-White IAT)” test and come back and tell us your score. You sicken me.

    You fail until you publish your results. Oh and feel free to correct me if i’m wrong..

  9. john smith says:

    yes yes, you are very smart. you know how to copy and paste. mazel tov. i’ll ignore all your insults for now as a courtesy.

    first things first, the results of your little test:
    “Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between White people and Black people.” sorry to burst your bubble.

    my assumptions about you generalizing were based on your clearly hostile views, not to mention your use of racist terms such as “mongoloid”.

    if you have statistics, please feel free to share them with the rest of us.

  10. Andrew says:

    I moved to Montreal to get away from the police state of the US. I had been trying to warn people for 15 years what was happening to my country. Unfortunately, the entire country was full of supernaturally clueless “patriots” like Anonymous101, and look what happened. Get ready to become USA North, everybody.

    The people up here, for the most part, are just as stupid, just as convinced that somehow their country is the best in the world, and none of them will figure out how amazingly wrong they were until it’s too late.

  11. Juan Eduardo says:

    As a man who was born in Canada 65 years ago, I am an eye witness to Canada becoming a police state, with politicians now pandering to privilaged minority groups to secure votes. Type BRAD LOVE into any search engine. This man was jailed for 18 months for simply demanding that politicians answer his questions about Canada’s excessive immigration policies etc. This man being imprisoned as a political prisoner is absolute proof that we have been stripped of our basic right to free speech and expression, especially those citizens of European ancestory. These are scary times in Canada, I am very concerned about my grandchildrens future, especially under the Muslim government Canada will have by 2050, which is unavoidable due to cultural birth rates and an excessive immigration program that is totally out of control.

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