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When Israel halts shipments, the UN, the media and the world are outraged. When Egypt does it, it doesn’t even make the headlines. Not that I mind what Egypt is doing! Sometimes the double standard works in our favour…

The Egyptian government sent mixed signals to Gaza activists Wednesday as it seized 30 trucks of goods destined for Gaza, handed down a stiff sentence to a party activist who entered Gaza illegally and released an Egyptian-German activist whose detention sparked a worldwide campaign to free him.

Egypt’s crackdown on Gaza activists comes amid effort to clamp down on the smuggling of goods across the Rafah border, the only crossing that bypasses Israel.

A security official told AFP that over the past two days police had seized 30 trucks laden with food, consumer goods and home appliances they say were destined to be smuggled into the Gaza Strip and arrested the drivers.

(Full story: Egypt cracks down on Gaza activists and aid)

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