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The Montreal Gazette reports:

TORONTO — A Toronto mosque is offering a “12-step extremist detox program” for radical Muslims that its director says is the first of its kind in Canada.

The Specialized De-radicalization Intervention program is intended to provide “treatment and counselling” to young Muslims sympathetic to the al-Qaida ideology.

The Muslim leaders behind the program say they want to help parents concerned about the radicalization of their children and also assist courts dealing with terrorism-related cases.

“As Canadians of Muslim faith, it is our ardent desire to become leaders in the championing of anti-terror values,” said a document outlining the program, which is based on the idea that extremism can be fought theologically, by challenging the dark extremist vision with an alternative interpretation of Islam. […]

[Mohammed Shaikh, director of the Masjid el Noor mosque in Toronto, which devised the new program] said he is already working with youths, including a 12-year-old whose parents were concerned because he “speaks very negatively” about a particular group of people. Shaikh did not say which group. [ed: gee, I wonder who it could be?]

(read the full report: Toronto Mosque offers ‘detox’ for extremists)

It really is a sad state of affairs that such a program needs to exist, and it’s scary to have our worst fears confirmed straight from the horse’s mouth:  radical Islam is seeping into the west. The muslim population is becoming more and more radical, and while I do applaud the mosque for taking a stance (assuming this is not just lip service), the impact of this program is probably going to be minimal at best. The ‘moderate’ muslims need to follow the mosque’s lead and step up.

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One Response to “Toronto mosque offers ‘detox’ for extremists”

  1. gymnast says:

    Hmmm. kinda the same public relations concept as a Hells Angels toy run. Bring the shitbirds into the mosque so they can start running things.

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