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The Austrian Times reports:

Social Democrat (SPÖ) Education Minister Claudia Schmied has banned a Muslim man from teaching his religion at a Vienna secondary school after he distributed anti-Semitic leaflets to pupils.

Schmied ordered the city school council today (Thurs) to take such action against the man, who had been teaching at the Cooperative Secondary School (KMS) on Brüßlgasse in Wien-Ottakring district. She said “delay would be dangerous.”

The reason for the ban is the man’s behaviour. He reportedly distributed anti-Semitic leaflets to his students a few days ago. The leaflets contained a list of allegedly “Jewish” firms from which, the man told the students, they should not buy anything. […]

Schmied’s intervention comes in the wake of a study concluding Islamic instruction in Austria has to change to comply with modern standards.

Mouhanad Khorchide is a professor of the sociology of religion at the Islamic Religion and Pedagogical Institute at Vienna University and the author of the new study, “Islamic religious instruction between integration and a parallel society.”

Khorchide’s study concludes Muslim teachers in Austria have largely anti-democratic beliefs and one in five is “fanatical”.

Khorchide, himself a Muslim, said 22.6 per cent of the 210 Muslim teachers he had surveyed had “fanatical attitudes” and 21.9 per cent rejected democracy as incompatible with Islam.

(Read the full article: Muslim teacher banned over anti-Semitic propoganda )

And according to Earth Times, this is just the beginning of Austria’s fight:

Vienna – By withdrawing the teaching licence of an anti-Semitic Islam religion teacher on Thursday, Austria’s education ministry has started to implement measures against extremist Muslim educators. The teacher had told his students at a Vienna secondary school not to buy from a list of international companies, because they were “Jewish.”

Thursday’s decision was the latest development in a debate about political views held by Austria’s Islam teachers, after a study made public in late January found that 21.9 per cent of them opposed democracy on religious grounds.

Since then, Austria’s Muslim community and Education Minister Claudia Schmied agreed on a plan to improve the quality of religious education.

The plan also said that the Muslim community must revoke teaching licences to those “who have proved to disassociate themselves from democratic values or human rights.”

This is the only way to deal with this problem, but it will never happen in North America:  if you disassociate from western values, then you cannot teach, and you should not have been allowed in the country in the first place. But that’s not politically correct, is it.

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7 Responses to “Muslim teacher banned over anti-Semitic propaganda in Austria”

  1. john smith says:

    political correctness is not the issue here, it’s prejudice. actions such as those made by the teacher should not be tolerated by any means, but not allowing people into canada because of their beliefs is a whole other ball park, it’s a other league, hell it’s even a whole other sport.

  2. mikecg says:

    Would not allowing someone into my home because they think i am an offspring of apes and pigs be prejudice? No, it’s called self-defense, self-preservation and common sense. So too, should we let people into our country who think that our way of life (freedom, democracy, equality) is incompatible with their own way of life? Nobody has a right to become a Canadian citizen, it is a privilege, and we should only grant it to people who appreciate it. If we’re talking about locking people up for what they believe when they are already citizens, that’s another issue altogether. Right now we’re talking about making sure that the people we let in will not cause problems.

  3. Gill says:

    We might be more careful about letting certain individuals in our country, which could be labeled as prejudice, but at least we are not like the European appeasers.

  4. Anonymous101 says:

    Mikecg is 100% right on this. Common sense should win this round.

    John Smith, you are a moron. We don’t want to bar them because of their religion. The religion should technically be fine. We want to bar them because they come to this privileged country abusing the liberties and freedoms with which they are given. They use them to hate others and not to promote peace and multiculturalism. What type of fool are you to truly believe that it is ok to accept this into Canada? It may not be politically correct but you have to be a fool not to see instance after instance of this acrimonious hate and malediction with which they come to this country and build up upon. They come to Canada and radicalize more, they do not moderate one bit. Many are pacifists enjoying the comfortable life Canada has to offer, but you see their true colors when their communities have to face issues regarding jews and Israel. You see their true beliefs and ways. I don’t understand how you jews take such crap. I guess you never learnt the lesson of WW2, sheep to the slaughter. Maybe your god didn’t do a good enough job the first time. All I can say is learn from history.. learn to fight back.

    They come here and radicalize more because they can call it a “freedom” which gets the liberal peaceful people of canada to say “oh jeez your right who are we to say what beliefs are right and wrong”… this is completely wrong. This is Canada and Canadians can decide what is right and wrong in this country. They have chosen hate and discriminate is wrongful. Yet they allow this group of haters to fester. My only thoughts is that there is a deeper underlying anti-semitism with which the people of Canada don’t want to admit. By allowing the Muslims to fester their hate they do the dirty work of so many canadians. Consider it imported outsourcing.

  5. insaner says:

    wow, i never wouldve thought this could happen in europe. people _actually_ standing up against islamic hostility.. *looks at watch counting down the time before the riots begin there*

  6. john smith says:

    anonymous, if you can find a way to pick out people who would incite hate, and only those people, from among the the millions of people who apply to immigrate to canada i would support you, but that’s not going to happen, now is it?

  7. Anonymous101 says:

    Screening processes can be designed and made, however I guess you’re too liberal to conceive of such motions. It would probably offend your politically correct ways, and god forbid someone should be offended in order to keep the peace for those who want real peace. Nor does it occur to you to oust those Imams who preach anti-western views, and their supporters. They don’t hide their views.

    What about those immigrants, and children of immigrants at that York University who mob and rage at the Jews. The police should not be turning their backs to them, but detaining them if not arresting them for public endangerment. They should be checked out. Then again we’ll have people like you who would feel offended that this is another form of racism. In fact any form of screening and profiling you would likely feel is offensive even though such measurements would certainly provide some defensive measures against hatred.

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