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From the Irish Times:

NOBEL PRIZE-WINNING physicist Steven Weinberg told an Irish audience yesterday that Israel was the “most exposed salient” in a war between liberal democracies and Muslim theocracies.

Prof Weinberg, a strong supporter of Israel, said the conflict between Israel and Hamas was part of a wider conflict.

This included the Madrid, London and Mumbai bombings, the conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims in Iraq and the Janjaweed in Sudan, all of which had nothing to do with Israel, he said.

“It is a war between secular liberal democracy as you find it in Israel, Ireland and the United States, and the militant theocratical-oriented Islam,” he told an audience at Trinity College Dublin last night which included the Green Party spokesman on finance, Senator Dan Boyle, and Fianna Fáil Senator Mark Daly.

Jewish-born Prof Weinberg won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1979. Though now an atheist, he is a supporter of the Jewish state and cancelled a trip to the UK recently because of a proposed boycott of Israeli academics.

Prof Weinberg said it was wrong to make an analogy between Hamas as the equivalent of Sinn Féin and the Israeli Defence Forces as the Black and Tans.

He defended Israel’s actions in Gaza, saying it had acted with “remarkable restraint” in its attempts not to target Palestinian civilians. Civilians were told by phone three hours before bombardments to leave the place that was being bombed and as a result most of those killed in the recent conflict were members of Hamas, he claimed.

“The killing of civilians is a byproduct of what Israel had to do to defend itself,” he said.

He cited a British officer who said of the recent actions: “Never in the history of conflict has an army shown such restraint.”

Prof Weinberg, who was interrupted several times by those opposing his views, said no country would have behaved differently had it been subject to the rocket attacks on civilians faced by Israel.

(source: Nobel winner defends Israel’s actions)

Why does a physics professor understand more about world politics than 90% of political science professors?

Hat tip to the JIDF.

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4 Responses to “Nobel winner defends Israel’s actions in Ireland”

  1. Just discovered this site, (thanks to Jonathan Kay and the National Post.)

    I am a presently unemployed exploration geologist. I am firmly on your side of these debates. Keep up the good work. Too many idiots are beginning to surface. almost all of them lack perspective or historical insight.

  2. I’ve discovered your site through reading ‘blazingcatfur’ and I’m impressed with what you’ve accomplished. Thank you for all your efforts. I hope that you will enjoy a wide readership for the simple fact is we would like to believe that reason will prevail over wild emotions having no relation to intelligent behaviour. It’s difficult to believe the extent of latent, and latterly more obvious anti-Semitism colouring our world. Thanks in no small part to people like Khaled Mouammar and others of his unfortunate ilk. Very best regards,

  3. Very informative article post.Thanks Again.

  4. Very good post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome.

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