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The last place you’d ever expect to find a nice Jewish boy is on the Dallas Cowboys!

Alan Veingrad has led two very different lives:

Veingrad is a former offensive lineman for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, where he blocked for Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith on the way to a Super Bowl championship in 1992. Gridiron glory ended, and Veingard has begun his second life, this time as a bearded, kipah-wearing shomer Shabbos (Sabbath observant) Jew who davens (prays) three times a day.


His Bible Belt college teammates had never met a Jew before. The same could be said for many of his NFL teammates. Veingrad did not experience any overt anti-Semitism during his career, he says, but he remembers one player telling him that “stereotypes are true” when it came to the canard that “Jews are cheap.”


“Judaism is not what many people think it is,” he concludes. “It is better than they could ever imagine.”

(Read the full article: From Football to Frum)

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