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France’s highest court has recognised the state’s “responsibility” for the deportation of Jews in World War II.

The Council of State said the state had permitted or facilitated deportations that led to anti-Semitic persecution without being coerced by the occupiers.

But the council also found reparations had since been made “as much as was possible, for all the losses suffered”.

Correspondents say the ruling is the clearest such recognition of the French state’s role in the Holocaust.

Between 1942 and 1944 some 76,000 Jews were deported from France by the Vichy government in collaboration with the German occupying army.

(Read the entire article: French Holocaust Role Recognised)

Which reparations are they referring to? Could it be the murder of lan Halimi several years ago? Or maybe the 250 anti-Semitic attacks that occurred from late December to January this year? We can see how much things have changed.

This time around, I say the Jews of France deport themselves. Not to Germany as victims, but to Israel as victors. France is heading downhill fast, and we know what happens to Jews when their host countries start falling.

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