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Back to school right in time for Israel Apartheid week @ York!

Israeli Apartheid Week will take place on March 1-8 on college campuses in 27 cities internationally, in what has become a growing phenomenon since the annual event was started in 2005.

Although the schedule for this year’s version has not yet been released, a message on its Web site makes clear what the focus will be: “This year, IAW occurs in the wake of Israel’s barbaric assault against the people of Gaza. Lectures, films and actions will make the point that these latest massacres further confirm the true nature of Israeli Apartheid.”

The event aims “to continue to build and strengthen the growing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement at a global level,” according to the site.

If the calls for ‘Death to jews” at the pro-palestinian riots in toronto are any indication, this year’s IAW is going to be an extra scary and even dangerous time for Jews on campus.

Stay tuned for planned counter activities, and a play-by-play of the national hatefest.

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One Response to “Back to school right in time for Israeli Apartheid week!”

  1. Brad Brzezinski says:

    Has any thought been given to arranging a counter called, “Palestinian Nazism Week?”

    The Hamas Charter and actions of the wartime Mufti of Jerusalem (Arafat’s uncle) would be a basis of fact to support this.

    If nothing else, the process of getting permission would create needed publicity.

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