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DUABI (AlArabiya.net) The traditional Palestinian checkered scarf known as kaffiyeh is once again at the center of a conflict over freedom of speech and negative stereotypes following a Pennsylvania high school’s decision Wednesday to reverse a ban on the scarf imposed the day before.

Two seniors at Gateway High School were told they could not attend class while wearing their kaffiyeh, a checkered scarf worn by many men in the Middle East, in what school officials said was a bid to lessen tensions with Jewish students.

In a meeting Wednesday with school officials, Riggs and a representatives of several civil liberties groups and religious organizations, the school’s principal agreed to allow the kaffiyehs. He reportedly said his initial ban on the scarves was an attempt to “diffuse tension” between Jewish and Muslim students.

The Muslim students say they were called “terrorists” after a Jewish classmate published a commentary claiming the scarves were “hate” clothing.

[The same] Three students had recently worn shirts with saying “RIP Israel,” although they removed their shirts when told to do so, according to school district spokeswoman Cara Zanella.

Jewish students signed a petition against the scarves and student Scott Scheinberg wrote an article in the Monroeville Times Express in which he said those who wear the traditional scarf align themselves with terrorists.

“We’re trying to prove it’s just cultural, It’s not political at all,” 18-year-old Mohammad Al-Abbasi, told KDKA news.

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This is a joke.The students wore shirts that said ‘RIP ISRAEL’, and they expect us to believe that their Kaffiyahs are “cultural”? And which culture would that be? The culture that values life more death? The culture that teaches children to blow themselves up? Shame on the principal for reneging on his original ban. Wearing the Kaffiyah is an undeniable statement that you stand in solidarity with Palestinian terrorists, unless you happen to be one of those useful idiots that buys one from urban outfitters without realizing the implications.

I remember when I was in high school I couldn’t even wear a baseball hat, but now muslims can wear terrorist paraphernalia? Why not allow swastikas?

Here’s the ridiculously biased news report where all they do is try to garner sympathy for the muslim students without presenting the Jewish side:

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