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…just most of them?

Following the electoral victory of fundamentalist and far-right political parties in the recent elections held in Israel, Judaism and Israeli policies have on a global scale attracted a great deal of attention.

Let me make some analyses that go beyond usual arguments on Israel and Judaism. One of the misperceptions and misunderstandings of the Jewry among Muslims in the Muslim world and our country is that all Jews have the same mindset, share the same views and hold similar worldviews. In other words, it is believed that all Jews regard themselves as members of a distinguished nation and rely on a racist, Zionist and anti-humanist paradigm. However, this perception is simply wrong. A Protestant, a Catholic or other Christians offers different interpretations of Christianity; likewise, there are different Jews with diverse opinions.

For instance, there is Mordehay Kaplan, leader of the reformist or reconstructionist Jews who views Judaism as a culture; there are also humanist Jews who see the Torah as a racist document and Jewish schools that consider “Jehova” a racist God. There are also groups like Natori Carta, which argues that the state of Israel was founded contrary to the Old Testament, the sacred book of the Jews, alleging that the establishment of a Zionist state before the arrival of the Messiah and the emergence of proper conditions contradict Jewish belief.

I should even note that while Orthodox Jews celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of the Israeli state, these groups protest this day in the streets. Of course, these groups have little impact on the state apparatus, controlled by Orthodox circles in Israel. But it should be noted that not all Jews are like fundamentalist Hassidic Jews, the Gush Emunim Lubavitcher movement, the Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook school and racist Zionists. These schools simply do not believe the rabbinic, radical, literalist and other radical groups referring to the idea and belief that suggests that all Jews are supreme and that all others were created as slaves to the Jews. They also do not share the belief suggesting that Muslims living in the region allegedly promised to the Jews by God, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates, should be killed and exterminated.

In short, not all Jews are racist or Zionist.
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I’m not sure whether I should laugh or cry.

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