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From Israel21c.org:

For millions of Americans with cancer, the side effects of chemotherapy and other drugs used to treat the disease can be devastating. But new drug-delivery research from Israel based on nano- and microtechnology might provide much-needed relief, and more effective cancer treatment.

The new drug delivery technology, developed at Tel Aviv University, enables drugs to specifically target cancer cells, leaving surrounding healthy cells intact and reducing the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy. The science uses tiny bubbles, visible only through powerful microscopes, which contain payloads of therapeutic drugs.

“This development is on the leading edge of the new frontier of drug delivery and cancer treatment,” says Prof. Rimona Margalit, who developed the new technology.

If Israel finds the cure for cancer, would the world use it? Would the members of CUPE use it? These academics at Tel Aviv University who came up with this treatment are the exact people that Syd Ryan and his CUPE militia are trying to boycott. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to keep all the talent in Israel? Then when the day comes, all the anti-Semites who kicked the Jews out will have to come and beg. It’s actually a funny (but tragic) thought.

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3 Responses to “Why you should(n’t) boycott Israel: More effective cancer treatment developed in Tel Aviv”

  1. Anonymous101 says:

    They’ll always use Israeli technology. They’ll still scream to the high heavens to boycott it, but they’ll still use it when they need it. Anything to hate a jew. It’s sad, most gentiles should have learned by now that to be a friend of the jews is much more practical. (and fits in with their egalitarian views).

  2. Gubu World says:

    I know where I’m going if I get cancer.

  3. mikecg says:

    G-d forbid!

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