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Ted over at GubuWorld posted a piece today about the IAWM’s attempts to pressure Ireland’s largest telecom supplier, Eircom, to pull out of a deal that involves Israeli company Amdocs.  The group picketed the company’s headquarters yesterday, but I can’t find details on the turnout. I’m not sure who this group is, but a quick browse at their website tells me that they’re a bunch of left-wing crazies.

Here’s an excerpt from Gubuworld’s piece. Keep in mind this guy isn’t even Jewish, which makes it even better!

Among the reasons given for this petition is that Amdocs employs over 4000 people in Israel many of whom serve in the military. Well I got news for you, virtually everybody in Israel from the baker to the lawyer, rich and poor has served or serves in the IDF. But perhaps most astonishingly is the claim on the posters I have seen throughout Dublin city center which claims that Israel must be held to account for its actions during the recent Gaza war which were “outside the norms of civilised behaviour”. Oh now really that’s just too much. When you think of all the horrors of the world, the massacres in the Congo and Uganda, the brutality of the civil wars in West Africa, the 70 0r 80 undemocratic nations across the world that have outrageous human rights records, but the IAWM decide to focus on Israel and accuse it of being uncivilised. Israel categorically does not act outside the norms of civilised behaviour. Israel has in fact an independent judicial system, something no Arab country has, which enforces the rule of law including human rights law on every Israeli citizen whether they are powerful political personalities or senior military figures. This submission to the rule of law is in my opinion the definition of civilised.

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One Response to “Irish Anti War Movement pickets Ireland’s largest telecom supplier calling for Israeli boycott”

  1. Gubu World says:


    Thanks for the kind words. I likewise have been unable to find out any details of the protest which suggests it was a flop. This is not a big story in Ireland but for me the symbolism is potent.

    The IAWM is a fairly small organisation but much to my frustration it gets far more air time on the national air waves than they deserve. The group is a mix of well meaning but misguided individuals and left wing crazies as you accurately put it. But don’t worry Mike, Ireland has plenty of reasonable people that put them in their place whenever they get too vocal.

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