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A retired judge wants two Ontario universities to bar Muslim students from being awarded scholarships he has established, though the spokesperson for one institution says her school won’t support a proposal that “flies in the face of everything we stand for.”

Paul Staniszewski said he objects to the “medieval violence” used by the Taliban — such as when Taliban militants recently kidnapped and beheaded Polish engineer Piotr Stanczak — and he wishes to “disqualify” Muslim students from receiving financial aid he has paid for.

“I’m reacting to what’s going on to people who aren’t even soldiers, who are having their heads beheaded and this stuff is shown on the TVs and everything else,” Staniszewski told CTV.ca in a phone interview from his Tecumseh, Ont., home, just outside of Windsor.

“I am doing the same thing these people are doing, except I’m not cutting off heads, I’m cutting off applications for help in their studies,” he added later in the interview.

Staniszewski, who is in his 80s, has established scholarships at both the University of Windsor and York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School.

The University of Windsor website lists three $1,000 scholarships under the name of the judge and his wife, and the York University website lists an award that is also named after the couple.

According to the description of The Honourable Paul I.B. and Mrs. Tevis Staniszewski Award, the retired judge graduated Osgoode in 1954 and practiced law for 13 years until he was appointed as a federal judge in 1967.

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One side of me is completely repulsed by the idea of excluding people on the basis of their religion and lumping all muslims into the same category, but on the other hand, don’t they already have scholarships that are only available for certain races, religions and genders? Doesn’t he have a right to control where his money is going, however irrational his logic might be? Thoughts?

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One Response to “Former judge wants to bar Muslims at York University from receiving scholarship he established”

  1. Adam Bercovici says:

    I think if Syd Ryan thinks there is a correlation between Academia and Politics in the Middle East then this judge should be allowed to make the same sort of restrictions. Wait a minute, this person is giving his own private money (which he can do whatever he likes with) while Sid Ryan is getting paid by the largest union in Canada whose goals are to find people jobs. To be honest, I dont see how either can make a direct link between current events all over the world but if Sid is going to do it, why stop at allowing them his scholarships?

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