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Yes, there is a Voice of Palestine FM radio show on Vancouver’s cooperative radio station, paid for by your tax dollars. On Tuesday they interviewed Ali Mallah, the VP of the Canadian Arab Federation and a member of CUPE.

As most of you know by now, CUPE passed a motion boycotting Israel this weekend, and Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has come out recently and threatened to cut the Canadian Arab Federation’s funding for their anti-Jewish sentiments.

Here’s the audio. The interview starts at around the 23:25 mark.

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A (highly ironic) excerpt:

Unfortunately Mr. Kenney has somehow decided up on himself to be the voice of the Zionist supporters in Canada, and forgetting that he is a Canadian minister and especially minister of immigration and multiculturalism where he and his council are supposed to reflect on Canadian sentiment and Canadian values.
This attack whether on CUPE Ontario or other union activists or the Canadian Arab Federation is only coming from a very narrow minded  pro-Zionists and Israel supporters who because of their zealous support of Israel are willing to sacrifice not only the freedom of speech,  freedom of expression, but also human rights.

Because we all know how much of an Arab and Muslim value freedom of speech is.

He also stated as long as they [the Canadian Jewish Congress and B’nai Brith] are not happy with us, means we are doing a good job – a declaration of war with the entire Canadian Jewish community. (43:55 to 44:16 mark)

The complete lack of intellectual honesty is appalling (they even tried to pull the whole “Arabs are semites and so they couldn’t possibly be anti-Semitic” argument) and it’s safe to assume that this guy is a fair representation of the mainstream ‘moderate’ Canadian Arab community. That’s not only appalling, it’s scary.

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  1. Brad Brzezinski says:

    ON their (CAF) website, they were promoting Greg Felton for some time. That says all one really needs to know about them. (No time to provide links but they should be easy to find.)

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