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I wish I was surprised.

TEL AVIV, Israel – The Obama administration’s reported pick for a top intelligence post once peddled a book to U.S. public schools that falsely claims Muslims inhabited North America far before European explorers.

The book, funded by Saudi Arabia, also contains widely inaccurate anti-Israel Arab propaganda.

Charles “Chas” Freeman, the U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War, is slated to head the National Intelligence Council, according to multiple reports. Yesterday, it came to light Freeman has financial ties to the infamous bin Laden family – including dealings he defended after Sept. 11, 2001.

Freeman served as president of the Middle East Policy Council, a Washington-based Saudi backed nonprofit that received tens of thousands of dollars per year from the bin Laden family and other Saudi donors.

In 2003, Freeman’s council joined with California-based Arab World and Islamic Resources in selling to U.S. schools the “Arab World Studies Notebook,” set to be a textbook on Arab issues and history.

A report from that year by the Text Book League, an online resource on some 200 educational items for middle-school and high-school educators, highlighted major historical fabrications found in Freeman’s schoolbook including the claim Muslims inhabited the New World in pre-Columbian times and also spread throughout the Caribbean, Central America, South America and even Canada.

English explorers met “Iroquois and Algonquin (Native American) chiefs with names like Abdul-Rahim and Abdallah Ibn Malik,” the schoolbook claimed, without providing any evidence.

In actuality, the first Muslim to enter the historical record in North America was Estevánico of Azamor, who came with the Spanish in 1539. Islam is not believed to have taken root in Canada until the mid-19th century.

The book goes on to present Jesus as an “important figure” in Islam and states as fact it is “well known, the Quran was revealed through the Prophet Muhammad.”

The schoolbook “present(s) Muslim myths as ‘history,’ endorse(s) Muslim religious claims, and propagat(es) Islamic fundamentalism,” stated the Text Book League report.

(read the whole article for even more historical facts and an analysis of Freeman’s Bin Laden ties)

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2 Responses to “Obama pick for intel post in bed with the Saudis, pushed for use of textbook teaching that Muslims inhabited North America before Europeans”

  1. TalerofRealTruth says:

    Hi I am a Christian Armenian and I proudly state that those PrO Islamic text books which Obama are totally clueless of the very real truth and here on this page I certainly have not read the whole text book how ever I already see that it totally SpeakS lies and brings a poisonous decieve towards all those students ‘children’ who have or will eventually read it! I urge Obama and his team to not be so simple to just allow these imaums and those so called non-radical Muslims to curve the proper knowledge of the real God Jesus and get you to promote such improper blasphemies like ‘muslims inhabited North America before the Europeans ‘Christians'”. It is evidently clear to what these kinds of Muslims are planning to accomplish. It’s clearly in their Quran ‘take over the works mercilessly’ and ‘decieve or KILL the unbelievers with the ‘truth’ of the holy book of ‘god’ Allah”, by the to those who are unaware about the Muslim God and who they really, they are not the Real God the LovinG Father, it’s even visually represented by their moon and crescent icon. That their gods are one the moon as the Moon God and the Star is their Moon Goddess. If you would like to know more about all poisonous lies out there and the real truths about ManY things visits the video logs by Bill Schnoebelen or Schneobelen and his Church’s “the Prophecy Club’ team either on Youtube and google videos. He goes into all the different avenues of deciet by the umglorious powers of the Devils. Do not be fooled believers of true God or Jesus Christ I may say, the devil does use use us as pawns in life and these devils try hard to (play) into the little games routing us into the wrong paths like free masonry and the illuminati and etccd. Don’t forget visite the vids by Schnoebelen or Schneo… And team. Also for those invloved in christianity in YouTube watch out for the Channel User named SainteBirgitta and they go by many other names , this user provides us with a lot of good FeaR and little decieves through out their videos. So please prat against them and watch out. Keep strong in the faith and be like me and reveal the falsery and bring out the truth!

  2. TalerofRealTruth says:

    I’d need to make a correction near beggining of my message just ‘right’ above…In respect the new elected president of The United States of America Barrack Obama, I meant to state originallity the sentence “..which Obama is condoning as truth and allowing into the U.S.A are totally clueless and \sac of lies..’. I stand up and proudly pray that the Lord Jesus blesses the Obama family and guides them with the best wisdom and knowledge and the truth of understanding towards the U.S.A and may He help them as much as possible out towards our friends and even our enemies against our democratic and peace loving ‘atleast to it’s wear’ nation’ freedom and, our (in need of help and prayer) societies.

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