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Just to add to blazingcatfur’s report, here’s a copy of the letter that was sent out to Hasbara at York:

On Tuesday February 25th, Vice-President Tiffin issued four notices of suspension and fines to the following clubs for various recent academic disruptions in Vari Hall this year.  Each of these groups, like you, have been provided with numerous warnings about the impact that academic disruptions have on students and professors.

The following clubs have been provided with an opportunity to explain their actions and this submission will be taken into account before the Vice-President’s final decision on their status is made.  These groups are:

Hasbara Fellowship at York

Students Against Israeli Apartheid
The Tamil Students’ Association

Let me again remind each of you that, as detailed by both President Shoukri and Vice-President Tiffin, academic disruption is unacceptable, injures students academically and simply cannot be permitted to continue.

Let me get this straight. Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA) plan a racist hate rally, and the Jewish students who come out to defend their reputation and to stand up in the face of hate are disrupting class? If SAIA did not plan their rally, then the Jewish groups would never have demonstrated. How are we the ones disrupting classes? Everything we do is in response to their instigation. You can’t expect students to remain silent when they are being attacked and threatened.

Way to go Shoukri.

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6 Responses to “York Administration finally responds to recent anti-Jewish hostilities: sends notice of suspension to Jewish student groups”

  1. SC says:

    Regardless of who started what, and who instigated the conflict, one would think that the president of a university could come up with a better response than what amounts to, “Shut up everyone!” If he thinks that by banning groups he can stop the ongoing conflict at York, it’s pretty clear he has an ever poorer grasp of the issues then I previously may have given him credit for. Tensions will run high regardless of the banner people are protesting under, and the intimidation Jewish students endure on a daily basis will continue.

  2. anon says:

    Were there any such actions against the other groups?

    If not, it is blatantly biased and anti-semetic. It would also show his beliefs about the arab-israeli conflict and which side he sits on, this would explain why “the other side” always gets let off the hook…

  3. Let there be light – in the dark gloom of institutionalized blah blah black sheep !
    I agree with it all. Why shouldn’t Israeli kids with tanks and army equipment shoot a little girl with aTeddy-bear. Teddy-bears are probably most provocative if you are “truly Jewish” – Thoroughbred, like.
    Why should little girls go around brandishing Teddy bears. She was probably a racist anyway. Next thing – waddayaknow – it’s a “Golliwog” Nip it in the bud, that’s what I say.
    Heil Netanya who ? (Anyone have a bucket handy ?)

    By the way, Turbines exhibit opposite “economy of size” to that of Alternators. If, therefore, a machine is built which contains one of each, and of size to suit each other, then the “economy of scale” of the machine can be seen (by those not in need of some serious straightening-out – at university for instance ) to be necklace-shaped. Catenery.
    The cost of facing any given area of wind is a function of the physical size of the “TADs” deployed.
    The minimum cost is achieved by using a size where the cost of the T is about equal to the cost of the A. 1 wad each for instance.
    Cost of a TAD 2 Wads ?
    If we replace a group of 4 with one of twice the dfiameter, the price goes from 4 x 2 wads to (8 + 2) wads because the T weighs 8 times as much and the A is only twice the price.
    Going in either “size direction” from that where the costs are about equal, the cost of the installation can be seen to change as follows:
    Size 1/4 1/2 1 2 4 8
    Cost 4+1/4 2+1/2 2 2.5 4.25 8.125

    The sizes where the two halves cost about the same lie in the region of 0.5 to 1m diameter. Here a return of around 5% p.a. of cost is readily available from a well designed TAD, and much more from particularly good sites.
    The above fact is half of the reason why current (80m) High “technology” returns only about 1/30 of this % p.a., and is therefore of no economic – and thereby environMental – benefit WhatSoEver !!
    Why not, at least, do something useful yourself before “taking sides” (based upon your ethnicity) and advocating wars ?
    Bert Vaughan

  4. kendra says:

    I’m so sorry that this has happened. I’ve been following the story and wrote Elinor a few times regarding the riots. I am just so stunned at this reaction from school officials, although I guess I shouldn’t be at all. I know this is becoming commonplace.
    This will be in this week’s Bulletin of Jew Hatred which can be subscribed to by going to http://www.politicalislam.com.

    Thanks for posting and good luck.

  5. Charles says:

    It’s time to abandon ship! I know nothing about York except for these postings, but it’s hard to believe that a quality educational experience is possible in this political quagmire. Let the place sink without you.

  6. mikecg says:

    I will say that it’s not as bad as it seems if all you know is these posts, but it is getting harder and harder to focus on studies. I had to skip class today to run a pro-Israel booth. It’s a pain in the ass. I would never have to do this is the apartheid folks didn’t come out with their lies practically every single day, forcing me to defend myself.

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