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A people who were genuinely denied their rights to self-determination in history understand the existential threat that Israel is facing. A Native American feather flies with the Star of David:

At first glance, there seems to be little in common between Israel and the 862 member Native American Coushatta Tribe, from Louisiana. But the tribe clearly thought otherwise.

They both have ancient languages, spoken by a minority, tribe members reflected. They have both struggled for sovereignty against suppressive forces, and they both have a deep respect for their ancestors.

With these similarities in mind, leaders of the tribe contacted the Israeli Consulate in Houston last year, extending their hand to the people of Israel, in an act of friendship.

“At the beginning we were perplexed,” Asher Yarden, consul general in Houston tells ISRAEL21c, when he got the message. But seeing that the tribe’s intentions were good, Yarden and a group of seven others from the consulate headed to the tribe’s village in Louisiana in November, where they were met as dignitaries, treated to colorful celebrations, a traditional Coushatta stomp dance, and flags from the State of Israel.

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It’s too bad that the Natives who have spoken out up here aren’t as understanding.

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