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Hat tip to GayAndRight:

CHANNEL 4 has come under fire from Islamic leaders over a television documentary showing how gay and lesbian Muslims suffer under their laws.

Its director has already had death threats because homosexuality is strictly forbidden by The Koran.

Now station chiefs are bracing themselves for a backlash. Its digital channel More 4 will show A Jihad For Love tonight.

It lifts the lid on the battle gay and lesbian Muslims face as they struggle with their faith and their sexuality.

The documentary not only shows gay Muslims daring to kiss, holding hands and talking about getting married, it also provides harrowing reports on the suffering they have faced under Islamic law.

(full article here)

But it must be all made up right, because there is no Homosexuality in the Muslim world!

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One Response to “UK Channel 4 gets death threat from Muslims”

  1. TalerofRealTruth says:

    Hey Michael my friend it’s Shant and I appaauuloogize for replying to your comment so late, and here! I can’t say it’s a bad thing though hah. And heey I had no idea, a clue yea but no idea you created this web blog site! For bringing out the truth on all subject related to your people and the Judao Christian holy land. You should be proud of what you are doing in here, cheers to you bro. And you’re welcome to all the help I’m handing down, I’m happy to help my Jewish friends. Just to tell you incase you would like to reference me somewhere or just to fill in your curiosity the names I go under here are ObvioslyIntellectual or similar and my new one TalerofRealTruth. Another to know it’s me is my messages slash comments slash informative vlogs are like the longest here LOL, aahh well we should say something enough for the topics of interest presented here, like really I get the dread feeling that If people like us say nothing about Israel and etcccdd no one will say the right things. Either way may Yashaua continue to guide and help you through your struggle of campaign in this and you said it ‘dark lost world’ ok amen man. Reach me about anything man!, take care 🙂

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