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The student who was assaulted last night describes what happened in his own words:

A few people have asked me this morning about what happened last night at UofT. I attended the Israel Apartheid Week event with a few friends and was prepared to ask a couple questions. The girl sitting next to me asked a question to one of the speakers about the problems with Hamas’s Charter. The speaker answered the question by discussing occupation and Israel’s “racist” policies, etc, instead of actually addressing the issue of Hamas’s Charter and denial of Israel’s right to exist. A couple people in the crowd, including myself, shouted out to the speaker “answer the question!” (It is generally fair game at these events where there are more activists present than observers to request that the speaker focus on the question asked). At this point, one of the (probably unlicensed) private security guards hired by SAIA approached me from behind. When I turned around in my seat to look at him, he grabbed and squeezed the back of my neck and growled at me from about 10 inches in front of my face “you shut the fuck up! shut the fuck up!” At this point I kept my cool moved back and I was like “get away from me bro, don’t touch me!” One of the event organizers called for someone to ask the police standing outside in the hallway to come in to remove me for “causing a disruption” at which point I encouraged the police to come in to record the name and identity of the individual who assaulted me. I left the room promptly and reported the incident to the police. I will be filing a formal report later today with Metro Police.

I personally believe in freedom of speech and that students should be allowed to book lecture halls to present speakers who express radical, even extreme views. The presence, however, of (probably) unlicensed, private security gaurds wearing bullet proof vests and leather jackets who physicaly assault people who speak up against those radical, extreme views, must be confronted. SAIA must not be allowed to bring hired goons onto campus to intimidate people who oppose their views. I feel ashamed as a UofT alumnus.

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10 Responses to “Statement from Student Assaulted at University of Toronto”

  1. Solomon says:

    So to be clear, there was a second student who was told the “sawing the head” business?

  2. mikecg says:

    Solomon, yes, that is correct.

  3. Solomon says:

    Thanks. Just wanted to clarify before I linked.


  4. […] You Might Have Missed this #3 1. I read today that a Jewish student was threatened at an Israel Apartheid Week ‘lecture’ by an unlicensed security guard with the words, “I’ll saw your head off.”  How does a grown person use such words in a threat? Do his words equal an image in his head of actually initiating such an action? Would you ever threaten to cut off somebody’s head? If you were threatening someone, and you were fiercely mad what words would you use?  What do you say to a man who threatens to saw off your heard? http://thentherewaslight.com/547_statemen-student-assaulted-at-u-of-t/ […]

  5. Edward says:

    These rallies by islmaofascists should be recorded so activities and statements can be known by impartial parties.

    If someone is threatened, then the threat will be on the record and appropriate action can be taken.

    Shine the light of day on these terrorist loving islamofascists.

  6. Greywolfe says:

    You have to understand that as fundamentalist Islamics they try every way they can to identify with the “original” muslim intent. In the Koran there are several references to smiting your enemy’s neck, and I have no doubt that videos of beheadings are a mainstay for their training as muslim activists. Islamic killings and honor killings have been a serious topic of discussion on my site and others that I frequent.

    Make no mistake, the above students were lucky to leave without serious harm being done. Quite probably the only reason they weren’t harmed was the police outside.

    Good luck with your site, hope you don’t mind a Conservative from the States stopping in.

  7. Beverly says:

    Be Careful. I’m in the states and have sent this around. Please be careful.
    I emailed this to the Precinct:

    What is going on that Jewish men are slapped around for asking a question. There was a witness to this and you are aware of that.

    Do you people remember Hitler? These are brutes and why wasn’t anyone arrested? This is getting scary when people in authority at your University let this go on! Shame on all of you! They’ll be beating you and cutting your heads off next if you dont stop these butchers! Wake Up!

  8. TalerofRealTruth says:

    I say this as a Christian to those follow those extremist ways of the so called god Allah which I Do NoT fear in any way atall, because I and all creation with me fears The Father God of the Bible, we as we are only by his mercies and grace. Now getting to my point I am truly seeing the slow move of our free human rights and our plainly stated simple loving afirmed Judao Christian freedoms right here in North America being taken away because the over tolerance of athiestic beliefs and those extremist Muslims who follow that extreme unholy book the Koran! Let me ask all who read this a question which has been riddling my mind for a while now. By who’s authority do Muslims believe that their god Allah is the true God? Hmm, can anyone answer me thaaat. Can anyone proove to me how this Allah which I blaspheme his so called holy words in the bible is showing truth about is he, I’ll tell he is not! How do we know this? It is simple, just stare at those verses in the Koran a couple seconds and tell me who it’s really coming from. Verses LIKE ‘BEHEAD the unbeliever and throw their bodies into the lakes’ hmm who remembers the genocide of the Assyrians and Armenians with help of Muslims by the free masonry. And how about VERSES LIKE ‘Islam MUST oneday become the everlasting religion in this world!’, that sounds like a pushy bunch of words for a God who also claims in the same Unholy book ‘Quran’ that Allah is a good God and that Allah is a LOVING ‘God’, oh really? So is pushing your believers to intimidate those who have no idea about the Quran a loving act? I say it’s not. The bible says LOVE is kind love forgivinG, always helps, always open to mercy, never hates, does not steal, does not HURT. Soo here we see the real God’ interpretation of what LOVE is while in unparrallel the Quran states to hurt the “unbeliever” to behead them etcccdd. The Quran is a big nag to the real truth of the Gospels of Christ they close your mind. They don’t offer a way of suggestion because it is either the Quran’s way or you should be killed dead. Hmm I think it’s enough, there’s still lots more enlighten you here.. Does anyone know what Mohammad the greatest prophet of Islam and the one which is written ‘wrote’ a chunk of the ‘holy’ Quran. I’ll give it to you or may I give IT HARD to little 9! year old boys which hee ‘Mohammad’ had Sexual encounters with MeaninG he RAPED little boys as young as 9 years old! He sexually molested boys and girls as young as 7 years old now isn’t this the good part?? Mohammad and many catholic priests have this in coomon ‘they love sexual intercoarse” fun fun no?! And this same mohammad thought of many of the ideas in the Umholy Quran! Waake up wake up everyone this mohommad was not of God he was a seed of the Devil, what he did should speak out for it’s self, it was not any where near what the God intends for humanity. The real God is Yeshua Jesus and He has and does not and will NEVER move anyone towards the that type of life style then direct them to call it a holy act “in the Quran it states when you die in the name of Allah you will go to a new planet where there are streams and in them there are as manY WOMEN to pick out and take in for your own sexual use”!,disgusting and cruel. The real God yashua has never and will never urge someone to write a book lime the Quran and call it a ‘holy word of
    god’. Words are a manifestation of where and who the book is speaking about. Cleeaarly the Quran speaks not of the Truuuee God Yashia but of what can be Reeaallyy compared to in Bible as an aligned paarrallel to the Devils and demons himself. Mathematically Allah= Satan behind it all! Hmmm.

  9. Cameron says:

    FYI for NEXT time this happens. (I wish I didn’t have to say next)

    Anyone identifying themselves as security must show a valid Ontario Security Guard And Private Investigators card. Anyone may request to see it. If he refuses to show it, or better yet if he doesn’t have it, he and who is employing him are subject to large fines. Just yell out show me your security ID so everyone hears. As well even if he is a licensed security guard physical contact is assault unless an arrest is being performed.

    The card looks like a standard Ontario ID card, similar to the health card and old style drivers licence.

    Unfortunately police and campus security are rarely willing to be unbiased in cases where Muslims are involved for fear of being taken to the HRTC.

    I won’t mention the legality of the threat as it’s obvious enough.

  10. Reality Check says:

    It sounds like IAW is even more of a terrorist conspiracy than one would have thought. They are actively engaging in terrorism! Don’t just make a complaint with 51 division – get in touch with the RCMP National Security Information Network and CSIS.

    Also, no matter what the rules state, you should ALWAYS be mic’d (and preferably videod) when attending these events. You should set up devices to record your conversations as well as to broadcast them to a friend outside who is also recording. You can get spy cameras relatively cheap ($200-$400 for eyeglass, button, or pen cameras on the internet) to give you excellent surreptitious video. This should be an ongoing project for groups on campus to monitor the activities of jihadi fronts so you should try to get funding for your group to purchase them.

    The Police have no interest in protecting you or us from these people, especially if it’s only witnesses contesting. With serious documented proof of the crimes and identities of the criminals you will have more leverage.

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