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Iran calls for global intifada, demands the arrest of Israeli officials, breaks Obama’s olive branch in half, labels Israel a “tumor”, and calls the “story of the holocaust” a “complete lie” – all in one day!
Washington, 4 March (IranVNC)—Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, today called on Muslims around the world to join the Palestinian “resistance” against Israel, as he opened a two-day conference on the Palestinian issue in Tehran.
The only way to save Palestine, is resistance and steadfastness,” Khamenei was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying.
“Supporting and helping the Palestinians is a mandatory duty of all Muslims, and I now tell all Muslim brothers and sisters to join forces and break the invulnerability of the Zionist criminals,” he added.
His statement came as Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas today urged Iran to “stop interfering” in Palestinian affairs, after talks with visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the West Bank, AFP reports.
Khamenei also called for the trial of Israeli political and military leaders, for their role in Israel’s recent 22-day offensive in Gaza, during which 1,300 Palestinians were killed, as well as 13 Israelis.
Iran’s leader also lashed out at the United States, criticizing that country’s “unconditional support” for Israel, which he called a “cancerous tumor”.
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Iran also announced that they will have functional nuclear plants by september, and reiterated the fact that they have missiles capable of hitting Israel’s own alleged Nuclear sites.
This is quickly turning Cold War II, except something tells me the Iranian Islamist extremist are completely willing to actually press the little red button. As mentioned above, even PA President Abbas is getting worried. He knows that in reality if there’s a nuclear bomb, Allah ain’t sparing him!
Meanwhile, UK President Brown made the following statement today:

“And our shared message to Iran is simple – we are ready for you to rejoin the world community,” Brown said in a speech to a joint session of the US Congress. “But first, you must cease your threats and suspend your nuclear program. And we will work tirelessly with all those in the international community who are ready to reduce the threat of nuclear proliferation,” he added.

That’s a big “but”. How can he even take himself seriously?
I guess in such dire circumstances, it’s best to not take anything seriously. Otherwise you might go crazy. I’m living proof of that.
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