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Isn’t IAW wonderful?

The Baltimore Jewish Examiner reports:

Anti-Semitism and attacks against Israel have spiked this week as Israel Apartheid Week was ushered in on around 40 campuses across the country, plus some in Canada and Europe. The week, which runs from March 1-8, threatens to be more hate-filled than its four predecessors, according to the international Israel education organization StandWithUs, as organizers use the recent Hamas-Israel war to push their agenda.
The IAW’s goal is to demonize Israel by equating it with racist Apartheid South Africa, explained StandWithUs in a press release. It is an effort to lynch Israel through a free-for-all of misinformation and wild exaggeration that often crosses the line into traditional anti-Semitic libel applied now to the Jewish State.
swastika This week, several IAW and pro-Israel counter events were held, sparking shrill and sometimes threatening situations. According to Dani Klein, StandWithUs Campus Director for North America, swastikas were painted on flyers for a pro-Israel event held Tuesday at Chicago’s DePaul University.
“We found the flyers all around campus with the swastikas,” Klein told this reporter. “It was reported to the Chicago police.”

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