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As announced a few weeks ago, the Sweden-Israel match of the Davis cup was in an empty arena today. 200 anti-Israel protesters gathered outside.

AFP – Some 200 people demonstrated Friday outside a sports arena in southern Sweden to protest against the Scandinavian country’s Davis Cup tie against Israel, as a massive police deployment watched on.

A “Stop the Match” campaign has been underway in Sweden since Israel’s offensive in Gaza erupted last December.

As a result of the security fears, Malmo city council ordered the three-day World Group first round match played behind closed doors.

On Friday, when the first rubber was played, a crowd made up mostly of youths, notably from extreme-left circles, called for the tie to be stopped and chanted anti-Israeli slogans in an unauthorised protest.

Some had been standing outside the arena in blustery cold weather since early morning.

More than 1,000 police officers were on hand to keep an eye on the situation, amid fears that violent protests could erupt.

(read the rest and watch a video report here)

What a complete shame. Watching the video footage of the players in the empty arena with the security guards in the stands gives me a very disturbing feeling.


Israel beats Sweden

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One Response to “Empty arena hosts Sweden – Israel tennis match, 200 anti-Israel protesters outside”

  1. John V says:

    I am sick of the way countries like Sweden allow their Muslims to behave like chimps and destroy everyone’s fun, freedom and eventually life.

    I don’t know why they are allowed to immigrate into peaceful countries. I don’t know why they are deferred to so much of the time.

    And like you, my young conservative Jewish friend, I am aware of the pending doom that Islam brings to the world. I am equally sick of it and I am not a Jew. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be Jewish in today’s world.

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