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Here’s what one Arab columnist has said about Obama’s new approach to dealing with the Middle East:

Arabs and Muslims find it difficult to acknowledge the positive points in Obama’s speech simply because it included the statement that “the US is and will remain a solid ally of Israel.” It is as if he is saying to the Arab and Muslim world that the US is and will remain its solid enemy.

So let’s see, supporting Israel’s right to exist means you are automatically an enemy of the Arab and Muslim world?

But  she goes on:

This biased remark ruined Obama’s message since it was declared after Israel brutally launched a disproportionate war against the people of the Gaza Strip, deliberately targeting the civilian population, mainly women and children, while arrogantly stating it was acting in self-defense against Hamas. The so-called Hamas rocket barrages have so far killed only a few while the numbers of women and children who died in Gaza are horrific. More than 1,400 people died, including 410 children and 100 women. Another 5,300 were wounded — 1,855 of them children and 795 women. More than 10,000 Palestinians were displaced. Israel continues to repeat its blatant lies, labeling the freedom fighters of Palestine as terrorists while going on a killing spree in Gaza claiming that it is the Palestinians who have no respect for human lives. For how long will the Jewish state act upon these distorted claims with the support of the US — its “solid ally” — defying international condemnations and ignoring the demands of all human rights organizations?

You see, this is where Obama’s attempt to reach out are going to fail miserably. There is absolutely no intellectual honesty in the Arab world. I would imagine that this columnist, who is featured in the self-proclaimed “Middle East’s Leading English Language Daily”, has a voice that is typical of the attitude in the Arab world (A quick google search of the author’s name tells me that she is a popular radio talk show host in Saudi Arabia.) It is a voice that willfully and blatantly ignores facts, demonizes Israel, and completely vindicates Hamas and the Palestinians from ANY wrong doing. Acknowledging any wrongdoing on the part of the Palestinians automatically means that you are a ‘solid enemy’.

Let’s hope that Obama does not take her advice.

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2 Responses to “Popular Arab columnist: Being an ally of Israel means you are a ‘solid enemy’ of the entire Arab world”

  1. Archie says:

    Well, then, I guess since they’ve declared the US is their enemy, we ought to cut off foreign aid to the Arab world. In the words of Condi Rice, “they will find it difficult to eat their oil.”

  2. RWG says:

    In many ways, I am pro-palestinian and I am always pro-Israel. The best way to help the palestinians is to get rid of Hamas and Fatah and put a government in place that cares about its people. Hamas doesn’t give a rat’s behind about palestinians. Hamas is following Iran’s orders to destroy Israel regradless of what happens to the Palestinians.
    Screw Hizziebollah also.

    Hamas=Taliban. Hamas is bad. Hamas is a bunch of sicko murderers of innocent palestinians.

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