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All Israeli citizens – including Jews – must now show their ID cards at the large Tarkumiyeh checkpoint. While the reason is not given in the article, it is most likely a result of security concerns of terrorists dressing up as Jews or infiltrating Israeli settlements.

Regardless of the reason, it certainly shows that of all things Israel is, an Apartheid state is not one of them. If checkpoints were implemented as part of a ‘racist policy’ used to systematically oppress the Palestinians, then why would Israel use this tactic against its own people?

The article also mentions that two checkpoints are being completely removed to reward nearby Palestinians for their “good behaviour” during the Gaza operation, and also that the army plans to open the main street near Jewish Hebron to Arab traffic for nearly the first time in 15 years. Both of these steps are clearly Apartheid practices.

The checkpoints are there exclusively for security. When the Palestinians get their acts together and stop valuing death more than life, the checkpoints will cease to exist.

Those charging Israel with “Apartheid” don’t want you to see these kinds of stories. It completely shatters their argument.

The full article is here.

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One Response to “Israeli Apartheid policies against… Jews?”

  1. Lania says:

    Zionism/Israelism is super equality – democracy…

    Palestinian Arab Muslims first class citizens in Israel whereas Israeli Jews are second class citizens?


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