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Yet another reason to boycott Israel.

Israeli ingenuity and invention could potentially produce a global revolution in solar electricity generation. The solar energy market has generally been divided into photovoltaic (PV) solar power and large-scale solar thermal power plants – until now. Aora Solar, part of the E.D.I.G. Group, has developed a small-scale hybrid solar thermal power plant which could open up a whole new market.

(read entire Jerusalem Post article here)

It goes to show you that the left’s blind hate for Israel completely overshadows their supposed concern about global warming and the environment. They’d rather see Israel destroyed than help the environment.

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2 Responses to “Israeli firm to revolutionize Solar energy”

  1. The Highwayman says:

    Mike, it’s time that people understood that the hatred for Jews and Israel is misdirected, particularly by the average North American citizen. The REAL threat are the Zionists, that political sect that enjoy passing responsibility for atrocities from themselves to the Jewish people. It doesn’t help matters when folk apply all criticism to Jews in general as hate-mongering, either. That’s what commenters are nailed with the second that they open their mouths to criticize the war in Palestine.

    Hitler was controlled by the Zionists as an attack dog against Jews, because their agenda was to establish a corporate state (“homeland”) in and around Palestine. Many prominent Jews were against such an idea, especially when relations between many Jews and Arabs were pretty good. They had to be ‘convinced’ of their erroneous thinking, and made to pay for their obstinacy.

    Hitler, of course, was a Jew, himself, actually the bastard grandson of one of the Rothschild banking magnates. This, and the United State’s complicency in aiding and abetting the Nazis in the opening scenes of the war, is damning evidence that history… CORRECT history… is not being told.

    Now, we have extremists that are fed rhetoric that all Jews are responsible for the ills of society, and the term “Zionist” is used freely in these accusations, applying to ALL Jews, and not just the cadre responsible.

    Zionists are those that envision a one-world totalitarian government centered in Israel, and that is why we have all of this pro-Israel rhetoric. It has nothing to do with the Jewish people, only a minority that is comprised of all ethnic groups, and not just Hebrews.

    The term ‘Zionist’ must be interpreted properly… it means totalitarian. And, people must stop persecuting those that use it in critique of the oligarchs and their agenda, or they will succeed…

    … and, believe me… you do NOT want that to happen!

  2. I rather thought that I was helping out by clarifying a few things, such as the definition of a Zionist, but if that is “confusing” the issue, well, I guess there isn’t much that I can do, here.

    The longer I live, the more I’m realizing that some people seem to need their hatred and prejudice and distrust for one another. In God’s new Earth, there won’t be any of that, so I guess it won’t be much of a world for many.

    Take care.

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