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In the past week and a half, on two separate occasions, in Australia and in Washington, victims of attacks were left on the street dying, while pedestrians walked by and did not call for help. The victims eventually died.

Case #1:

A man who was ignored by passersby for almost 20 minutes this week as he lay on a sidewalk after being assaulted in Columbia Heights has died of his injuries, D.C. police said yesterday.

The attack occurred Tuesday outside a grocery store near 14th and Parkwood streets NW. The victim, Jose Sanchez, suffered a traumatic brain injury and died Friday at Washington Hospital Center.

Case #2:

THE family of a man who lay dying on a street for almost two hours until someone called an ambulance has been devastated by his death.

Abdi Hasan, 29, was found by a passerby in the inner Melbourne suburb of Carlton between 8.30am and 9am (AEDT) on Sunday.

He was lying on a grassy area near the Carlton housing commission flats on the corner of Rathdowne and Neill streets.

Mr Hasan was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he had surgery for a serious head injury, but died a short time later.

What the hell is wrong with this world now? This is an obvious case of the bystander effect and it is inexcusable. The culture of entitlement and apathy that the western world now feels is surely going to result in our downfall.

Especially in these times and as Jews, with calls from Iran to wipe Israel off the map, calls from the “intellectual” elite to boycott Israel, and with calls from our neighbours even right here in Toronto to send Jews back to the ovens, we have to take this lesson to heart: if we don’t take charge of our own fate, nobody else will. Let’s not get caught being both the victim and the bystander. Keep your eyes open.

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One Response to “Does anybody take responsibility anymore? Two people on two separate occasions left to die as pedestrians pass by”

  1. Well done on your blog. Its pretty bloody disgusting when another human being can just walk callously by and leave someone laying on the ground, without even bothering to see if they are O.K. Even if they are too scared to look by themselves, they can always ask another passerby to check with them. Whats a life worth? Whats happening to the human race. I watched a vid on you tube the other day, it showed a dog pulling another dog, who had been hit by a car, off the road onto the verge. If an animal can do this, why can’t we do the same thing.

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