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Just a week after graffiti was found stating that the Jews get away with everything, a Nazi swastika was found today drawn on a washroom stall wall at Toronto’s York University. The police have been notified.

Swastika at York University

Swastika at York University

Anti-Semitic sentiment and activities have been on the rise at York, and have reached new highs since students returned to school in late January following a 3 month labour dispute that locked students out of their classes. Since returning back to school, Jewish students were intimidated by a mob of 100 anti-Israel protesters, 3 Jewish students have been threatened, and a Jewish student has been assaulted. Also, during an Israeli Apartheid Week event at another Toronto University organized by a team including York students, a Jewish student was assaulted and another one was threatened with decapitation. Meanwhile, the York Administration has remained rather unresponsive, compelling a UK Professor who was supposed to speak at York about cognitive science to cancel his lecture in protest over its inaction.

With reports that late last week that York’s President Mamdouh Shoukri was overheard sympathizing with the ‘Students Against Israeli Apartheid’ student organization, an anti-Israel group with members that were involved in many of the incidents described above, the future does not look promising for Jewish students at York.

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One Response to “HATE CRIME: Swastika Graffiti found at York University”

  1. Alex Muller says:

    Oh come on, this is ridiculous – I’m not condoning it in any way whatsoever, but do you really think this is the only cubicle in the world where a swastika’s been scribbled?

    Yes, it’s stupid and immature, but is it really worth calling the police over? What are they going to do, look over CCTV to see who drew it? Don’t they have better things to do with their time?

    How about just getting the cleaning or facilities staff there to scrub it off, and move on with life.

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