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Current York Federation of Students ‘VP Equity’ and  President-elect Krisna Saravanamuttu hasn’t even been inaugurated as President yet and he’s already proving to the world that he is either a complete fool, or a rabid anti-Semite.

Following the York administration’s lead, he has set up a ‘Task Force on Campus Racism’ (facebook event link here).

It’s bad enough that the event description (see below) only mentions the delusory campus Islamaphobia and shies away from calling a spade a spade and identifying any of the anti-Semitism on campus, but even worse and more inexcusable is that this Task Force is being held on PASSOVER, guaranteeing that the Jewish student body – an unquestionable victim of campus racism – will not have a fair and equal attendance.

Here’s the event description from the facebook event page. Prepare to bite your teeth in disgust:

In August 2008 representatives of over 300,000 college and university students voted to strike a Task Force on Campus Racism. This campaign of the Canadian Federation of Students – Ontario follows the 2006-07 Task Force on the Needs of Muslim Students which identified not only incidents of Islamophobia but also racism and other forms of discrimination on college and university campuses across Ontario.

In order to more fully address some of the issues that arose from the report on the needs of Muslim students, along with a number of incidents of racism on campuses across Ontario in recent years, the Federation is launching a Task Force focused on experiences of racism in the post-secondary education system in Ontario.

The Task Force will consist of ten members who travel to hearings across the province and take statements from racialised students, faculty and staff about their experiences on campus and possible solutions to racism.

The York Federation of Students, local 68 of the Canadian Federation of Students, will be holding the York Task Force hearing on Thursday April 9 from 2pm-4pm [PASSOVER] in Rm. 430 Student Centre (GSA Lounge). Participants’ statements can range from individual incidents to experiences of and perceptions about systemic racism in all aspects of the York University experience.

Following these hearings the CFS-Ontario Task Force will prepare a report summarising the content of the hearings, identifying themes, and making recommendations for various institutional and governmental agencies.

Through both overt and systemic ways, racialized students at York have been under attack. In that light, it is crucial that students of colour at York University come out to the task force hearing and have their stories heard so that we can pressure both our University Administration and all levels of government to directly address these issues brought up by students. But it will not be possible if we remain silent. Come out to the Task Force meeting and have your voice heard!

While I wish he was just a fool and the scheduling was an honest mistake, considering he was the mob leader when the Hillel office was stormed, I’m going to have to give his intelligence more credit and assume that this scheduling was completely deliberate.

And there you have it folks: a racist anti-racism task force. Only at York.

[UPDATE 6:25pm]

A few hours ago I wrote a few civil comments on the facebook event’s wall about how it isn’t fair to hold the event on Passover , and guess what? THE COMMENTS ARE DELETED.

Krisna, you had a chance to explain yourself and you blew it. Now you’ve shown your true colours.

[UPDATE 11:25pm]

The date has been changed. Thank you Krisna. But as the ‘VP Equity’, I must say that I am very disappointed in this oversight. It is specifically your job to be sensitive to all students and to not make these kind of mistakes. And I still await you to add the term ‘anti-Semitism’ to the event description, is that too much to ask?

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3 Responses to “[UPDATED] YFS to convene anti-Racism Task Force, on Passover”

  1. anon says:

    what exactly was the comment you posted?

  2. mikecg says:

    If I thought that they would be deleted then I would have recorded them, but I didn’t. In one comment I said that I can only assume that this is an honest mistake – giving him the benefit of the doubt. And then in the second comment I criticized for only mentioning Islamaphobia in the description.

  3. David Modlin says:

    Please read and sign the petition: Stop York University Hate and Intimidationn targeting Jewish students.


    currently 1,670 signatures

    Thank you.

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