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A book store run by non-Jewish Messianic Christians in California had a swastika painted very close to it:

Swastika GraffitiThough it looks like a Jewish business, acts like a Jewish business, and sounds like a Jewish business every Friday night when a bustling congregation blasts klezmer-esque music to dozens of Latinos in prayer shawls, yarmulkes, and other Jewish attire, Libreria Makom Shalom in downtown SanTana is not Jewish. It belongs to an umbrella organization called the Union of Nazarene Yisraelite Congregations, comprised of Messianic Jewish churches of which one of its few Latino congregations is Makom Shalom. Not Jewish.

But that didn’t stop morons from tagging up the building right next to Libreria Makom Shalom, as seen in photos provided to us by The Liberal OC editor Chris Prevatt. He showed me the photographs last Thursday, at the weekly Drinking Liberally OC event at Memphis at the Santora, saying the hate crime was put up about a week ago and quickly painted over. Santa Ana police department investigators have no leads, although we imagine the perpetrator to be a anti-Semite of the pendejo kind given the tagger can’t even get the swastika pointing in the right direction.

(source here)

Regardless of the error that was made, the intention is what matters, and the constant barrage of anti-Semitic graffiti I’ve been finding in the news is very troubling.

Here are a couple more anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi incidents from the past week:
Modesto Synagogue Vandalized with anti-Semitic slurs
White supremacist ‘Aryan Guard’ marches in Calgary

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2 Responses to “Swastika graffiti near not-quite-Jewish bookstore”

  1. insaner says:

    hey mike, quick question, you mean the store owner was a non-jew who converted to a christian “messianic” denomination, or is it like saying that because he was christian he cant be jewish?

  2. The Man says:

    Just would like to point out the Swastika is backwards from Nazi Germany Swastikas. I wold assume whom ever painted this doesn’t know what they’re on about. (probably some punk 13 year old kids)

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