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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged, but unfortunately, looks like nothing’s changed and I can pick up right where I left off. *sigh*

Bill Werline Jr. was home for spring break from West Virginia University and, instead of relaxing, was out early helping his dad remove white spray paint from the family’s 2004 Dodge Ram pickup on Shadetree Lane.

He was not alone.

Neighbors up and down the Stoneybrook and Greenbrook sections of Levittown in Bristol Township and Tullytown also were doing some unexpected auto detailing on the morning of Good Friday and into Saturday afternoon.

That’s because vandals ran amok with white spray paint, damaging at least eight vehicles in the Tullytown neighborhood leading into Friday morning and more than a dozen more overnight Friday into Saturday morning in both jurisdictions.

Most of the vehicle doors had swastikas sprayed on them, police said.

(full article here)

And don’t overlook other reported acts of Jew-loving from the past few days alone:

Waukesha police investigating swastika graffiti

Swastikas found at French Shoah memorial

Vandals Tape Swastika Symbols on car in Whitehaven

Richmond-Burton High School down but not out after graffiti attack

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