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The Vancouver Sun reports:

“Canada has started to be a problem with regard to some human rights issues and has in fact started to get in the way of protection,” said [Alex] Neve, [secretary general of Amnesty International Canada,] citing as an example Canada’s “aggressive opposition” to the 2007 adoption of a United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Canada was one of only four countries to vote against the measure.

For more information on Canada’s position with regards to this UN declaration, see the official factsheet and the CBC report from 2007 when this happened. The government had legitimate concerns with the motion and Harper states quite eloquently “We shouldn’t vote for things on the basis of political correctness; we should actually vote on the basis of what’s in the document.”

But besides, don’t let this smoke screen fool you – this UN declaration is over a year old. The real reason that Amnesty is making noise now is further down in the article:

[Neve] points to Canada’s current position of complete support of Israel with respect to the very volatile human rights issues that come up regarding Israel and Palestine” as a sign that the Harper government has abandoned previous efforts to remain impartial.

Standing up for the human rights of innocent civilians living under a constant barrage of rockets is not in Amnesty’s mandate. I am very proud to say that it is in Canada’s.

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One Response to “Amnesty International: “Canada has started to be a problem with regard to some human rights””

  1. Bill, Virginia says:

    And no complaints at all about Canada’s “Human Rights” Commissions- whose mission is to shut down free speech.

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