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I never thought in my life that the words ‘8 year old girl’ and ‘divorce’ would be in a headline together.

From Al Arabiya:

A Saudi judge refused for the second time to grant an eight-year-old girl a divorce from her 47-year-old husband, local press reported Saturday, in a decision the girl’s mother promised to appeal.

Judge Habib al-Habib of the Unaizah Court, ruled that the girl cannot file for divorce until she reaches puberty, upholding his initial ruling refusing to annul the marriage.

The story that sparked an international outcry began five months ago when the girl’s mother found out by coincidence that her husband had married off their daughter to a man without informing either wife or daughter.

The marriage contract was part of a loan repayment agreement. The groom agreed to deduct 30,000 riyals ($8,000) from a debt the father owed him in return. The 47-year-old has promised not to consummate the marriage until his bride reaches puberty.

Once again proving that Saudi Arabia and its Islamic theocracy is, as Prince Khaled recently said, a poster child for progress.

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