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Thenews.pl reports:

A bottle with a letter written by Auschwitz prisoners has been found in the wall of a school in Oswiecim, southern Poland.

The letter was written on a piece of rough paper probably ripped from a cement sack. It reads: “Oswiecim concentration camp 20.IX.44, air raid shelter. Built by prisoners: nr. 121313 Jankowiak Bronislaw form Poznan, 130208 Dubla Stanislaw from Laskowice, 131491 Jasik Jan from Radom, 145664 Sobczak Waclaw from Konin, 151090 Czekalski Karol from Lodz, 157582 Bialobrzeski Waldemar from Ostroleka, A 12063 Veissid Albert from Lyon (France). All aged between 18 to 20”.

The building used to be part of the Auschwitz death camp pavilions. The bottle, found by workers who were demolishing what is now a school, was placed in the wall of what was then an air raid shelter, 65 years ago.

The note will be given to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum. (mg/ph)

Seeing the names and the corresponding numbers is what gets me the most. Really humanizes what happened. But this note must have recently been planted by the zionist conspirators.

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One Response to “Message in a bottle from Auschwitz prisoners found”

  1. insaner says:

    those zionist conspirators are really good at that.. hiding messages in walls of places where they know they will be found.. like schools that will be demolished, and so on..

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