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Hamas blaming a third party for its suffering, instead of acknowledging that maybe their own genocidal agenda is the problem? No way!

Gaza – Ma’an – Hamas condemned on Monday all Arab leaders for bring responsible for the results of the Israeli blockade over the Gaza Strip, calling on Islamic leaders to begin anew and oppose Israeli practices against Palestinians.

Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said in a statement to Ma’an, “It is impossible to see our people in Gaza dying in cold blood as a result of this siege, and all the other leaders are standing by and overseeing these people and their suffering without doing anything.”

“Until this moment the Arab reaction doesn’t equal the Gazan massacre and there is not any justification that the Israeli flags fly in the air of the Arab countries while the siege imposed over Gaza is not lifted,” he said.

Barhoum added, “I am surprised why the Arab summits in Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt and Saudi Arabia couldn’t take any real decision to lift the siege imposed over Gaza, and we are sure that the siege was a decision taken by Israel and America, but its end will be a decision made by Arabs and Egypt.”

Barhoum called on all Arab and Islamic countries to take serious actions to remove the blockade imposed over the Gaza Strip, which Israel imposed following Hamas’ takeover in the summer of 2007.

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