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Scottish authorities have launched a program to “deradicalise Scots who have fallen prey to Islamic extremists.” Apparently England had a similar secret program:

Edinburgh (Scotland), June 14 (ANI): Scotland’s anti-terror chiefs have announced plans to launch a scheme to deradicalise Scots who have fallen prey to Islamic extremists.

According to The Scotsman, vulnerable individuals, including children, will be targeted under the plan, which is aimed at preventing disaffected young Muslims from becoming involved in terrorism.

The initiative, to be modelled on an English program, will also be open to people being lured into other forms of political violence, such as fanatics on the fringes of Scottish nationalism or the animal rights movement.

Authorities south of the Border last year revealed they had put in place secret measures to wean people off extremism.

Their scheme – the Channel Project – claims to have turned around more than 200 people believed to have been vulnerable to terror recruiters, either face-to-face or online.

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I’m not really sure how a government program is supposed to educate radicalised youth? I’d be curious to see how this works.

As you may recall, a similar program was launched in Toronto earlier this year, but that program is being run by Muslim educators, not the thought-police.

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