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English publicly funded faith-based schools are allowed to give admissions precedence to members of its own faith. But the English Court or Appeal just ruled that London’s Jews’ Free School admissions policy is discriminatory because they refused admission to a student whose mother converted through a non-Orthodox  Jewish rabbinate. Apparently, Jews who run a Jewish school aren’t allowed to determine who is Jewish based on Jewish law:

“It appears clear to us… that Jews constitute a racial group defined principally by ethnic origin and additionally by conversion,” Lord Justice Sedley said. “To discriminate against a person on the ground that he or someone else either is or is not Jewish is therefore to discriminate against him on racial grounds.”

Please tell me Lord Sedley, since when can someone convert to an ethnicity? And if Judaism is an ethnicity, then why are there Jewish faith-based schools at all? Please tell me why there are black Ethiopian Jews and oriental Chinese Jews? Can I be black or Chinese if I go through a proper conversion process?

This is a completely ludicrous ruling, but it is no surprise that it happened, and we can’t complain about it. It demonstrates the dangers of being dependent on government. As the organization funding the school, the government has every right to decide how the school runs. They can decide who is Jewish, and the next step might be to decide what a Jewish education constitutes. You guys are teaching about God? Sorry, God doesn’t exist!

Hopefully the English Jews get their act together, and stop relying on taxpayer dollars for help with their education costs, but instead create and rely on what has kept the Jewish people strong for millennia: community. Our generation – jews and non-Jews alike  – is depending more and more on the government for everything from to deciding what food we’re allowed to eat to even taking care of our children at critical ages. Sometimes using public money can come at an even greater cost than just dollars.

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One Response to “England Jewish School’s admission policies discriminatory: Court of Appeal”

  1. Thomas says:

    Does the court of appeal even recognize its own ignorance in Jewish law? It knows nothing about Halacha!

    What a farce, but I fear it will have significant implications.

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