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Reuter’s reports:

YALA, Thailand, June 15 (Reuters) – Suspected separatists beheaded a rubber tapper and shot dead a school janitor, both Buddhists, in the latest violence in Thailand’s Muslim south, police said on Monday.

The attacks took place in Yala and Pattani, two of the three Malay Muslim provinces where 29 people have been killed and more than 50 injured in the past 10 days, among them soldiers, teachers and Buddhist monks.

The body and severed head of the rubber tapper was found in a house next to a plantation in Yala’s Than To district. That added to more than 40 beheadings in the region since violence erupted in 2004.

The school janitor was shot dead by unknown gunmen while travelling to work on his motorcycle in Pattani, police said.

Attacks on Buddhists have increased since a shooting last week at a Narathiwat mosque, where unknown gunmen killed 10 Muslims at prayer and wounded 12 more.

Residents blamed security forces for the bloody attack, which the military said was the work of shadowy rebels seeking to cause sectarian rifts.

A labourer from northeastern Thailand was shot dead two days later and a note left at the scene said: “You kill our innocents, so we kill your people.”

A Buddhist monk was killed and another critically injured on Friday when they were gunned down as they collected alms in Yala.

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Scottish authorities have launched a program to “deradicalise Scots who have fallen prey to Islamic extremists.” Apparently England had a similar secret program:

Edinburgh (Scotland), June 14 (ANI): Scotland’s anti-terror chiefs have announced plans to launch a scheme to deradicalise Scots who have fallen prey to Islamic extremists.

According to The Scotsman, vulnerable individuals, including children, will be targeted under the plan, which is aimed at preventing disaffected young Muslims from becoming involved in terrorism.

The initiative, to be modelled on an English program, will also be open to people being lured into other forms of political violence, such as fanatics on the fringes of Scottish nationalism or the animal rights movement.

Authorities south of the Border last year revealed they had put in place secret measures to wean people off extremism.

Their scheme – the Channel Project – claims to have turned around more than 200 people believed to have been vulnerable to terror recruiters, either face-to-face or online.

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I’m not really sure how a government program is supposed to educate radicalised youth? I’d be curious to see how this works.

As you may recall, a similar program was launched in Toronto earlier this year, but that program is being run by Muslim educators, not the thought-police.

In the past weeks, Canadian taxpayers were shocked to learn of eHealth CEO Sarah Kramer’s astronomical $350,000+ salary, along with her doling out $5,000,000 in untendered contracts, and no progress to show for it. She’s since been canned and the government is pretending to be outraged, but in reality how much of an anomaly is this behaviour? How shocked should we be?

It’s completely naive to think that with a generally uninformed public, a lax media and nobody to be accountable to, the government takes any responsibility when they spend our money and that this case is the exception rather than the rule.

I found a post over at Lew Rockwell’s blog by an anonymous author who claims to be a government employee. He’s writing about American government, but it applies here just the same. Have a look:

You’re looking for a job. You want to get paid several times your worth, come and go when you please, work only when you feel like it, take as long a lunch as you want, and get ten paid holidays per year and six weeks paid vacation per year. There’s only one way to go: work for the federal government.

Few Americans, I’m afraid, have any idea, what it’s like. If they did, there would be a political earthquake. As a member of the Parasitic Class for 15 years, I have witnessed and participated in this corrupt and grotesquely unfair system first hand. I am both qualified and morally obligated to expose it.

You could, of course, call me a hypocrite. I have prospered financially beyond my wildest dreams. Given my talents and work, my standard of living is higher than anything I could earn in the private sector.

But by reading the right books, and talking at length with my wife (a private-sector employee) and our friends in the private sector, I have come to see this repugnant system for what it’s worth.

What draws people to government work? What keeps them there for a lifetime? It’s simple: overcompensation, huge benefits, and great working conditions. It’s attractive to sign up and nearly impossible to leave. That’s because the government, by and large, rewards skills and experience that are unmarketable in the private sector, at least not at the same level of pay.

Take me for example. I have a degree in political science. I write, edit, and research. The taxpayers pay me approximately $65,000 in salary, excluding benefits. I could not legally earn this in the private sector. If you don’t believe me, peruse the want ads. Salaries for “writer/editor” and “research analyst” start in the low $20s.

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Is it real or, just an anonymous fraud? Try reading ‘Sarah Kramer’ at the end instead of “Mr. X” and its validity suddenly doesn’t seem so implausible. I now challenge you to try the same exercise but with with “Mr. McGuinty” instead. The exercise shouldn’t be a difficult one.

The National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW) is complaining that the four Muslims who were caught planning to blow up synagogues and other targets in NY were “vulnerable” and that they were set up as part of the FBI’s campaign against Muslims to create “the illusion that all Muslims are either terrorists or potential terrorists”. The group is appealing to the Justice Department.

Arutz Sheva has the full story.

The only surprising part here is that they’ve blamed the FBI, and not the Jews. At least not yet.

As described in Der Spiegel, “In an excerpt from his new book, SPIEGEL editor Jan Fleischhauer describes his childhood in a typical West German liberal family, with parents who wouldn’t let him eat oranges because they were grown in countries ruled by dictators, and his coming out as a late conservative.” The piece is fantastic, and can just as easily be applied to politics in Canada and the United States.

The whole piece can be read here, but since it’s quite long, here are a few excerpts for your reading pleasure.

Demonization of the Right:

The way we were supposed to feel [growing up in my family] about conservatives was obvious. They were either deeply reactionary, because they refused to accept progress, or dangerously narrow-minded. In other words, they were either despicable or pitiful characters. In our house, they were simply referred to as “the Blacks” (a reference to the CDU’s official color, black), and also a term associated with the Bogeyman character every child was taught to stay away from.

Hypocrisy and elitism:

This milieu is inhabited by a type of person easily recognized by his consumption and cultural habits (even if he prides himself on his nonconformity), and who is characterized by a pronounced elite awareness, even though the word elite is much as a taboo for leftists as words like nation, homeland or ethnic group.

Liberals in Germany rave about Obama, fear climate change and the surveillance state, do their best to eat organically acceptable food and read the opinion pages of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the arts section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine‘s Sunday edition and, with a certain amount of feigned contempt, the political section of SPIEGEL. Their children attend exclusive schools, even though they are fundamentally in favor of public schools. They like to spend their weekends visiting friends in the country who have been renovating a stone cottage for years — with attention to historical authenticity, of course — and in Italian restaurants they always order in Italian, no matter how well they actually speak the language. Of course, liberals and conservatives probably share some of these traits, but not to the point of excluding everything else, and certainly not as one of the prime attributes of a lifestyle.

Members of this social class are critical of the market economy, and yet are unable to specify an alternative. In their view, the current economic crisis is a gift from God, because it provides perfect fodder for all kinds of prejudices and practically eliminates the need for argument. All it takes is to mention words like “Deutsche Bank” or “Wall Street” in any discussion in which someone has dared to voice a cautious objection, and everyone standing around will quickly nod their heads in agreement, causing the troublemaker to withdraw, while mumbling apologies. In secret, however, they hope that this crisis of capitalism will not progress too far, because their own prosperity depends on capitalism and because, for the past 150 years, no one has been able to demonstrate that a comfortable retirement was not possible under good old Karl Marx.

Also be sure to watch the following related movie:

Thankfully (and actually surprisingly) there were no more bombing plots, but the Jew haters certainly kept themselves busy over Shabbat:

Vandals have spray-painted swastikas, and other Nazi symbols around Yorktown Elementary School.Prince George’s County Police says the vandalism was discovered Saturday morning.

Numbers representing Hitler’s birthday were also found.

A police car parked on the road behind the school was also vandalized with the same symbols.

(source here)

This story is already over a week old, but I just heard about it and it’s disguting. I’d like to say it’s shocking but unfortunately given the state of the world right now, it isn’t.

The Baltimore Jewish News reports:

An Austrian hotel reportedly refused to accept a Jewish family as guests.

According to the daily Tiroler Tageszeitung, the owner of the Haus Sonnenhof apartment hotel in the village of Serfaus in the Austrian Tyrol told a Viennese Jewish family it did not take Jewish guests, citing “bad experiences” in the past.

The Serfaus region has become so popular with Orthodox Jewish vacationers in recent years that some local hotels have koshered their kitchens and provide timed lights and other accessories for Shabbat observance.

Local officials branded the refusal as “unacceptable.” The incident shocked the local tourist industry and made headlines around the world.

Also this month in Austria, Holocaust survivors attending a memorial service at the Ebensee Concentration Camp were attacked by Neo-Nazis screaming ‘Heil Hitler’.

An Austrian Jewish Leader comments on these recent events in an interview featured in the Austrian daily ‘Die Presse’. He paints a picture that things aren’t as bad as they seem, at least not yet. I hope he’s right.

According to Maan News Agency, Palestinians smuggling weapons and munitions into the Gaza strip have injured themselves in the smuggling tunnels on two separate occasions this week. In the most recent incident, the smuggler accidentally electrocuted himself to death.

Six hospitalized after Gaza tunnel fuel spill

Palestinian man electrocuted inside Rafah tunnel

Now, we wait for the international community to condemn Israel for this.

In other related news, Egypt has reportedly seized a weapons cache containing 200kg of explosives that would have eventually been bound for Gaza. I’m thinking that at this rate, we might have been better off letting the Palestinians try and smuggle them through the tunnels.

Is this going to be a daily occurrence from now on? What can we do about this? I feel like a sitting duck.

(AP) Police disrupted an alleged neo-Nazi plot to bomb at least two synagogues in southern Brazil and are looking into whether the group has international ties, officials said Thursday.

Police seized Nazi literature, knives and three homemade explosive devices earlier this week they said were to have been set off at least two synagogues in the city of Porto Alegre, according to police Inspector Paulo Cesar Jardim.

“I have no doubt that we have aborted a major tragedy,” he said.

(read full Jerusalem Post article here)

While the FBI thankfully caught 4 men planning to blow up 2 synagogues in New York yesterday, unfortunately over at Miami Beach a man was able to set fire to a synagogue. This just less than a week after feces were smeared and eggs were thrown at a Miami Beach rabbi’s house.

Late Wednesday night, a man walked into the parking garage of Temple Moses at 1200 Normandy Dr. and set wood pallets on fire, said Rabbi Iosef Benchimol, who learned of the fire shortly before midnight. The fire was contained to the garage as the fire department arrived, but it could have torn through to the main building within a few minutes, he said.

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Hat Tip to the JIDF.

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